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Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's Missionary Dreams (Part II) In Part One of the present installment (Part Four overall), we shall discuss the last two dreams in ... 1885 - 1886
Michael Ribotta Training boys to earn a living: the beginnings of vocational education at the oratory Don Bosco's biographer, Father John Baptist Lemoyne, notes that most of the boys who attended Don Bo... 1844 - 1862
Michael Ribotta, Natale Cerrato EXPO' 84 and Don Bosco's peerless-to- paper-to-print presentation Turin's EXPO '84 was to become the bittersweet culmination of Don Bosco's remarkable and varied care... 1860 - 1884
Arthur Lenti The Bosco-Gastaldi Conflict (1872-82), Part I The conflict between Archbishop Lawrence Gastaldi and Don Bosco may at first sight appear to have be... 1872 - 1882
Michael Mendl A man for his times: Father Peter Ricaldone as Rector Major (1932-1951), Part I Peter Ricaldone was a major superior of the Salesian Society for forty years, half of them as rector... 1870 - 1932
Michael Ribotta Don Bosco's history of Italy: a morality play or an exercise in history? "If Don Bosco during his student years had one special preference, it was for reading history," note... 1845 - 1859
Pietro Stella An Assessment of our Knowledge of Don Bosco and of the Works about Him Summary:  1. Salesian study of Don Bosco’s system of education up to the end of the second world ... 1886 - 1988
Michael Mendl Personnel of the New Rochelle province: increase and decrease (1946-1988) The years following World War II saw a great rise in the number of ecclesiastical vocations in North... 1946 - 1988
Michael Ribotta Discovering America: Father Raphael Pipemi and the first salesian missionaries in North America A young Italian immigrant, Angelo Petazzi, watched anxiously as the English steamship, the Werra, ap... 1892 - 1927
Arthur Lenti The Bosco-Gastaldi conflict (1872-82), Part II Thus the approval of the Salesian Constitutions in April 1874 was followed by a second and more bitt... 1872 - 1882
Mary Treacy Mother Marie-Louise-Angelique Clarac and Don Bosco - an idea matures In the first part of his study on the "Bosco-Gastaldi conflict", Arthur Lenti drew attention to anot... 1817 - 1887
Michael Ribotta The Roman Letter of 1884 and its aftermath In retrospect, one can appreciate why Don Bosco had become so distraught by the message that was pla... 1884 - 1927
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's last years, his last illness and saintly death from eyewitness accounts The present essay has a rather modest aim. Steering clear of the complexities of a biographical reco... 1884 - 1888
Joseph Boenzi Paolo Albera's visits during Don Bosco's last illness But if Marseilles was so close, why did "Paolino" Albera not come to Turin during those final days o... 1852 - 1892
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's love affair with "poor and abandoned" young people and the beginnings of the oratory The present study aims, not at any new interpretation, but simply at describing some aspects of the ... 1840 - 1862
Michael Ribotta Tough love is not the answer- Don Bosco's views on punishment In our essay we shall examine the meaning and application of "punishment" and "discipline" as found ... 1843 - 1883
Arthur Lenti Key-concepts, concerns and fears of a founder- Don Bosco in his declining years My article on Don Bosco's last years, which saw the light of day in this Journal, was based on chron... 1875 - 1888
Michael Ribotta "School days ... golden rule days" ... John Bosco's public school years The road traveled by John Bosco, as child and teenager, in his quest for an education, proved to be ... 1822 - 1835
Joseph Boenzi Reflections on virtue. St. John Bosco's heroic faith reported by eyewitnesses in his beatification process This study does not go into the long process that led to Don Bosco's beatification, which took place... 1890 - 1929
Arthur Lenti Key-concepts, concerns and fears of a Founder-Don Bosco in his declining years Part II In an article which appeared in an earlier issue of this Journal, I described some of Don Bosco's co... 1875 - 1888
Joseph Boenzi St. Francis de Sales, bibliography of publications in English Over the last number of years "Salesian Spirituality," first articulated by Francis de Sales and Jan... 1700 - 1995
Philip J. Pascucci Out of our past an american venture into seminary training That is part of the well known talk which Don Bosco gave to his boys when they were forced to move f... 1903 - 1992
Arthur Lenti The founding and early expansion of the salesian work in the San Francisco area from Archival Documents Recently the Central Salesian Archives released the files of the Rua rectorate on some 1,750 microfi... 1895 - 1897
Michael Ribotta The "Big Rat" and the "Mad Priest of Turin"- Don Bosco's relationship with Prime Minister Rattazzi Perhaps of all the leading political personages of the Italian Risorgimento with whom Don Bosco enjo... 1850 - 1873
Stephen Whelan The Catholic Readings: writing for the masses The Letture Cattoliche or the Catholic Readings was St. John Bosco's imaginative brainchild in his e... 1853 - 1888
Michael Mendl Salesian Beginnings in New York. The extraordinary visitation of Father Paolo Albera in march 1903 Fr. Paolo Albera concluded his extraordinary visitation of the Americas (September 1900 to March 190... 1903
Edna Mary Mac Donald Maria Domenica Mazzarello and the question of literacy Maria Mazzarello mother’s ability to read forms one of the key means of her own human, christian and... 1837 - 1881
Arthur Lenti The founding and early expansion of the salesian work in the San Francisco area from Archival Documents, Part II As in the earlier article, so also in the present one, besides transcribing and translating pertinen... 1897 - 1910
Paul Wynants Writing the history of a religious teaching institute: guidelines for research, sources and methods (19th and 20th Centuries) In the framework of such a short introduction, I would like to recall some basic principles, obvious... 1800 - 1995
Arthur Lenti Saint with a human face: Don Bosco in Father Giulio Barberis original chronicle The Central Salesian Archive contains numerous eyewitness reports of Don Bosco's words and deeds, pa... 1847 - 1927
John Rasor Early salesian regulations: formation in the Preventive System The first part of this study, however, will examine that other body of Salesian particular law, the ... 1850 - 1972
Paul Formosa Historical sketch of the oratory of Don Bosco in Malta In this article, I will attempt to trace how Don Bosco's original experience was translated in such ... 1861 - 1970
Edna Mary Mac Donald Towards a Theology of the body: an analysis of the letters of Maria Dominica Mazzarello Firstly, I will state my position regarding a feminist Christian spirituality in relation to embodim... 1800 - 1880
Juan Edmundo Vecchi The Salesian Family is 25 years old! Contents: Introduction A history open to the future The new ecclesial sensitivity Starti... 1972 - 1997
Arthur Lenti Community and mission. Spiritual insights and salesian religious life in Don Bosco's Constitutions The present article is not concerned with the new constitutions. No comparative study will be attemp... 1858 - 1879
Joseph Boenzi Chastity in the salesian constitutions In a letter dated May 24, 1966, Fr. Luigi Ricceri (1901-1989), then Rector Major of the Salesian Soc... 1966 - 1984
Mary Greenan Our sacred story: a changing story or a story of change? The call today then is to honor our story. It is a precious story. It is a unique story. It is sacre... 1950 - 1980
Nancy J. Bowden Unwrapping the gifts: Francis de Sales, Jane de Chantal and the salesian vision of women This article furthers the theme of collaboration between women and men, showing this as central to S... 1700
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's beatification and canonization This article is written by our own Arthur J. Lenti, of the Institute of Salesian Spirituality in Ber... 1890 - 1953
Arthur Lenti Politics of the "Our Father" and the holy father: Don Bosco's mediation in Church-State affairs Fr. Arthur J. Lenti tells the story of Don Bosco' s efforts to mediate between the Holy See and the ... 1858 - 1878
Arthur Lenti Madonnas for times of trouble The question of the circumstances in which Don Bosco became the champion of the Virgin Mary under th... 1842 - 1872
John Dickson An introduction to Don Rua's letters to England Michael Rua (1837-1910) was a pupil, then the lifetime collaborator and finally, the first successor... 1889 - 1909
Michael Mendl "The zeal of the salesians is just the thing". Founding of the salesian work in New York Over one hundred years ago, on November 28, 1898, three Salesians arrived in New York to initiate a ... 1897 - 1911
Juan Edmundo Vecchi «This is my body, which is given for you» Contents: 1. A Eucharistic “hour” The ecclesial process The question Our Eucharist Pastoral... 2000
Juan Edmundo Vecchi Communication in the Salesian Mission «They were astonished beyond measure! He has done all things well; he even makes the deaf hear and the dumb speak» Contents: 1. Let us get on the air ...with the church ...and with the charism Interpersonal ... 2000
Philip J. Pascucci A brief account of the parish salesian ministry in Ybor City and West Tampa (Florida-Usa): 1926-1935 After providing a brief history of the American towns of Ybor and Tampa and of the local church comm... 1926 - 1935
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's political and religious concerns during the liberal revolution Fr. Arthur Lenti, in a second article, invites us to enter the political and ecclesiastical world of... 1858 - 1871
John Dickson "War, racism and immobility the social impact of the early salesian work in Cape Town", in "L’Opera Salesiana dal 1880 al 1922. Esperienze particolari in Europa, Africa, Asia". At the first official Conference of the Catholic Bishops and Mission Superiors of Southern Africa in... 1895 - 1906
Juan Edmundo Vecchi Sickness and old age in the salesian experience Contents: The seasons of life I. Sickness The experience of sickness in our consecrated life ... 2001
Joseph Thekedathu "St Francis Xavier’s orphanage and industrial school at Tanjore, South India (1906-1928)", in "L’Opera Salesiana dal 1880 al 1922. Esperienze particolari in Europa, Africa, Asia". The achievements of the Salesians during their 22 years of work at Tanjore were certainly remarkable... 1906 - 1928

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