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Michal Vojtáš Salesian criteria and proposal for higher education ...The educational experience of Don Bosco inspires Salesian Higher Education in different ways. The first is in the inspirations of the Sales... 1930 - 1997
John Rozario Lourdusamy The spiritual profile of Don Bosco emerging from the collection of his letters ...Through our efforts at providing a summary of the essential aspects of the person of Don Bosco emerging from the huge collection of his letters, we have pointed out the dominant characteristics ... 1840 - 1888
Anthony Nguyen God as father and Don Bosco as father ...Don Bosco is a saint who is honored as the “father and teacher” of the youth. However, we may be curious to a... 2020 - 2021
Emmanuel Camilleri Don Bosco’s writings. A theological perspective & means for accompaniment ...Don Bosco’s writings are diverse, and yet they had one particular aim: educating the young to religion and li... 1844 - 1888
Emmanuel Camilleri Characteristic traits of the spiritual accompaniment of the young. As an integral part of the educational system of Don Bosco - Part 1 ...The following four-part article has as its objective a particular aspect of Don Bosco’s charism: the spiritual accompaniment of the young. This theme, which is very relevant for today, ... 1850 - 2015
Michal Vojtáš Don Bosco: a living harmony of leadership and management qualities ...This study of Don Bosco in a perspective of organizational virtues is intended to be in a circular hermeneutic relation wit... 1978 - 1990
Rik Biesmans Don Bosco & Saint Francis De Sales (1842-1880). Concerning the question whether Don Bosco was influenced by Francis de Sales in both his personal faith and his pastoral-pedagogical practice ...eir Arbeitsgemeinschaft (“study group”) in Eichstätt, Germany. More than once they asked me what Don Bosco exactly meant by choosing St. Francis de Sales and his spirituality, as a model for the members of ... 1842 - 1880
Fabio Attard Professional formation of the young in salesian youth ministry ...fessional formation within the Salesian world is to be read in the light of the early experience of Don Bosco. One will not understand either the vision or the value of Salesian professional training as a whol... 1854 - 1998
Francis J. Moloney The salesian charism and the good shepherd motif an historical look at how the image of the Good Shepherd came to be connected with the person of Don Bosco and the Salesian charism, and how this connection is relatively new. He then presents an interesti... 1965 - 2015
Jose Kuttianimattathil The preventive system and child rights more than a tool for working with children with behavioral difficulties ...The Salesians, who have been applying the Preventive System since the time of their Don Bosco, have understood it mostly as a method of education. However, when we re-read the Preventive System... 1850 - 2012
John Roche Salesian evangelization. At the threshold of the bicentennial of Don Bosco’s birth - Part 2 Our Early Love Capturing Hearts Conclusion: Holiness, Authentic Experience, and the Return to Don Bosco At a Threshold: Globalization without Marginalization Gifts at the Threshold Gifts Across the Th... 1975 - 2015
Rik Biesmans Assistance. The essence of Don Bosco’s Preventive System (1876-1884) - Part 2 ...the doubtless objectives of assistance, consists in preventing evil, disorders, and especially what Don Bosco summarily calls “offending God.” Trough constant presence and infuence he wants to prevent the b... 1876 - 1884
Rik Biesmans Assistance. The essence of Don Bosco’s preventive system (1876-1884) – Part 1 ...The article centers on the theme of assistance, and how this element is a foundation ofDon Bosco’s Preventive System. The author offers insights on the probable historical and social context which... 1876 - 1884
Savio Hon Back to Don Bosco: Da mihi Animas Response of Fr. Savio Hon Don Bosco Hall, Berkeley, Symposium July 20, 2007. ...s to appreciate the sapiential dimension of the motto that has permeated all aspects of the life of Don Bosco and the Salesian Family. Another is to call to mind the inter-cultural aspect which deserves more o... 2006 - 2007
Arthur Lenti Da Mihi Animas in Don Bosco. Don Bosco's life and work for the "Salvation of Souls" ...The motto Da mihi animas; cetera tolle expresses the primary objective and spirit of Don Bosco's incessant activity and the pastoral and ascetical program that he wished to hand on to his Salesi... 1884 - 1888
Francis Preston Response to Paper of Fr. Joe Boenzi converted into a program of action and a journey of continual conversion." And with reference to Don Bosco Fr. Boenzi comments: "At the end of the day, the Da mihi animas is a prayer and a gesture that beco... 2006 - 2007
Joseph Boenzi Da Mihi Animas. Cry of the pastoral heart of Francis de Sales ...Don Bosco claimed that the motto Da mihi animas cetera tolle came from Francis de Sales, and we Salesians pre... 2005 - 2006
William John Dickson Prevention or repression. The reception of Don Bosco's educational approach in british salesian schools ...The question that this paper seeks to explore is to what extent Don Bosco's educational approach was received and accepted in England and to what extent it was itself modifi... 1790 - 1920
David O'Malley The youth minister as mystic and martyr. Recognizing and supporting religious experience in young people ...s The Sense of Self The Sense of Reality 3. A Salesian Reflection on Religious Experience Don Bosco and Religious Experience Don Bosco 's Own Religious Experience Keeping the Conversation Going Th... 2005 - 2006
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's Oratories in 1849-1852. Conflict, Crisis and Resolution ...Don Bosco's Oratory of St. Francis de Sales after much "wandering" found its permanent home at last in 1846, ... 1849 - 1852
Joseph Boenzi Paolo Albera's instructions early efforts to inculcate the Spirit of Don Bosco ...led upon to articulate and defend the founder's spirit. Even as a youth, he had been numbered among Don Bosco's most beloved. He served in a variety of leadership positions from his teenage years until his ele... 1892 - 1921
Kaoru Tamura Something about Mary. Reflections on Don Bosco, mother Mazzarello and the development of the "Spirit of Mornese" ...Mary Mazzarello had not seen Don Bosco until October of 1864, when he visited Mornese. In fact, it was not until 1871, some seven years la... 1864 - 1887
Arthur Lenti Margaret Occhiena Bosco (1788-1856). Don Bosco's Mother, Educator and Vocational Support ...Who was Margaret Occhiena Bosco? What do we know about her, and how? Don Bosco's biographer, Fr. John Baptist Lemoyne, and ultimately Don Bosco, are our chief sources. The Biogra... 1788 - 1856
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's definitive vocational commitment (1844-1846) the year of 1846, critical for DonBosco, which covers his establishment of the work in Valdocco. Don Bosco' s commitment to young people is the heart of the article.   Contents: 1. Don Bosco's V... 1844 - 1846
Joseph Boenzi What is salesian in Don Bosco? ...ites of the many times that the figure of St. Francis de Sales enters into the life and ministry of Don Bosco. The final word may never be written on why Don Bosco chose Francis de Sales as the patron of his C... 1833 - 1876
John Rasor The salesian brother's spiritual identity ... study will look at how the Salesian brother's vocation appears in official Salesian writings while Don Bosco was founding the Salesian Congregation, and at how the Congregation has theologically reflected on ... 1853 - 2002
Michael Mendl The dreams of Don Bosco ...Michael Mendl presents us with his essay on the dreams of Don Bosco. His study is a corrective for those who expect to find extensive prophecies of the future in Don B... 1864 - 1888
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's political and religious concerns during the liberal revolution ...r. Arthur Lenti, in a second article, invites us to enter the political and ecclesiastical world of Don Bosco through his letters never published before in English. The letters add insight to the always intrig... 1858 - 1871
Arthur Lenti The life of young Dominic Savio ...alling the fiftieth anniversary of the beatification of St. Dominic Savio, Arthur Lenti reflects on Don Bosco's Life of Savio. Modern Salesian youth spirituality traces back to this Life that Don Bosco propose... 1842 - 1857
Michael Mendl New information on the salesians'coming to New York ...Fr. Michael Mendl, in his research has discovered "a long missing letter'' that states Don Bosco's refusal to send Salesians to New York in 1848. This letter completes Michael Mendl 's article in ... 1884 - 1885
John Dickson An introduction to Don Rua's letters to England ...and a house in Cape Town, Don Rua's correspondence must have been immense. He, himself, remarked on Don Bosco's extraordinary and laborious correspondence, but this comment might well apply to Don Rua himself.... 1889 - 1909
Arthur Lenti Madonnas for times of trouble ...The question of the circumstances in which Don Bosco became the champion of the Virgin Mary under the specific titles of Immaculate Conception and Help ... 1842 - 1872
Arthur Lenti Politics of the "Our Father" and the holy father: Don Bosco's mediation in Church-State affairs ...Fr. Arthur J. Lenti tells the story of Don Bosco' s efforts to mediate between the Holy See and the Italian government during the tense years of Ita... 1858 - 1878
Rik Biesmans Aesthetics in Don Bosco's educational system ...lcate a sense of beauty and an appreciation for the arts and culture among even the poorest boys in Don Bosco' s first Oratory in Valdocco. He zeroes in on the artistic and cultural side of feast days and reli... 1876 - 1884
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's beatification and canonization ...ur own Arthur J. Lenti, of the Institute of Salesian Spirituality in Berkeley. The article studies "Don Bosco' s Beatification and Canonization Story: Highlights and Sidelights," and incorporates material that... 1890 - 1953
Francis Desramaut Contemporary spirituality of the salesian family ...aut' s essay is to show that the contemporary spirituality of the Salesian Family, though rooted in Don Bosco' s own spirituality and though standing firmly in the school of St. Francis de Sales, has been shap... 1950 - 1998
Christopher Ford Quality, culture and charism ... investigates the theme of "culture of education" in Catholic schools, and shows how the charism of Don Bosco impacts teachers and students alike.  Contents: Climate or Culture Intangible and Tangible A... 1971 - 1994
Arthur Lenti Community and mission. Spiritual insights and salesian religious life in Don Bosco's Constitutions ...d briefly discuss some of the spiritual insights and principles for religious life and action which Don Bosco embodied in his constitutions. To this end, I will first briefly describe the development of Don... 1858 - 1879
Joseph Boenzi Chastity in the salesian constitutions ...the 150th anniversary of the birth of our Father and Founder" - as having proved itself faithful to Don Bosco, "the torch which shines in all its splendor along the whole length of our road."     ... 1966 - 1984
Paul Formosa Historical sketch of the oratory of Don Bosco in Malta ...In this article, I will attempt to trace how Don Bosco's original experience was translated in such a way that his work could be established in Malta - an... 1861 - 1970
John Rasor Early salesian regulations: formation in the Preventive System ...uctural development, and certain individual articles, shed light on the Salesians' evolving view of Don Bosco's way of educating. His method is called the Preventive System, and it is based on reason, religion... 1850 - 1972
Arthur Lenti Saint with a human face: Don Bosco in Father Giulio Barberis original chronicle ...The Central Salesian Archive contains numerous eyewitness reports of Don Bosco's words and deeds, particularly in the form of chronicles and memoirs. I drew heavily on these docu... 1847 - 1927
Luc Van Looy Bringing Don Bosco into the mainstream. Lecture in San Francisco, February 24, 1997 ...Congratulations on your hundred years of faithful work with and for Don Bosco, with and for young people and with and for so many good people of this great country, to bring the... 1997
Juan Edmundo Vecchi Centennial celebration of the salesian presence in the United States of America. Homily in San Francisco, February 2, 1997 ...ped into schools, technical schools, parishes, oratories and study centers. The name and spirit of Don Bosco has penetrated into society. His method of approach to the young and his style of education have be... 1997
John Rasor The concept of Secularity in salesian documents ...nt theological dictionaries, then shows how these meanings are present in reflection by the sons of Don Bosco. The documents examined are limited to those of the SDBs; they do not include those of the FMAs,... 1876 - 1994
Michael Ribotta The "Big Rat" and the "Mad Priest of Turin"- Don Bosco's relationship with Prime Minister Rattazzi ...Perhaps of all the leading political personages of the Italian Risorgimento with whom Don Bosco enjoyed some measure of friendship, Urbano Rattazzi's name, like Abou Ben Adam's, led the rest. ... 1850 - 1873
Arthur Lenti Key-concepts, concerns and fears of a Founder-Don Bosco in his declining years Part II ...In an article which appeared in an earlier issue of this Journal, I described some of Don Bosco's concerns, as he expressed them in meetings of his council and in sessions of General Chapters hel... 1875 - 1888
Philip J. Pascucci Out of our past an american venture into seminary training ...That is part of the well known talk which Don Bosco gave to his boys when they were forced to move from place to place for their Sunday gatherings. Tha... 1903 - 1992
Joseph Boenzi Reflections on virtue. St. John Bosco's heroic faith reported by eyewitnesses in his beatification process ...This study does not go into the long process that led to Don Bosco's beatification, which took place on June 2, 1929. The topic concerns one small aspect: the sworn t... 1890 - 1929
Arthur Lenti Key-concepts, concerns and fears of a founder- Don Bosco in his declining years ...My article on Don Bosco's last years, which saw the light of day in this Journal, was based on chronicles and memoirs held ... 1875 - 1888

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