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Giovanni Bosco School and boarding house at Mornese Nizza Monferrato - FMA (1873-1878) The Programme—also called Regulations—of the school in Mornese was printed by Don Bosco at the Orato... 1873 - 1878
Giovanni Bosco First salesian colleges founded outside Turin (1863-1864) “One and not the last study by Don Bosco this year,” writes J. B. Lemoyne referring to 1863 “was the... 1863 - 1864
Michal Vojtáš Reviving Don Bosco’s oratory. Salesian Youth Ministry, leadership and innovative project management The “Salesians of Don Bosco” (SDB) are the largest Catholic religious order with a primary focus on ... 1965 - 2014
Ángel Fernández Artime "100 Years for God and for the World". Letter of the Rector Major to the Volunteers of Don Bosco on the Centenary of the Foundation of the Institute Contents: 1. A LOOK AT THE ORIGINS 2. AROUSED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT IN THE NOVELTY OF CONSECRATED S... 2017
Giovanni Bosco Pedagogical and didactic principles and disciplinary matters (1846-1879 The ten brief documents that follow—some perhaps less known than the previous ones in Salesian histo... 1846 - 1879
Giovanni Bosco The two “official” regulations (1877) In the years from 1853 to 1862, Valdocco was transformed from a festive Oratory—an open institution—... 1877
Giovanni Bosco Spiritual formation of the young through preaching, “goodnights” and dream accounts In Don Bosco’s educational system preaching has special importance, both that which is bound up with... 1858 - 1878
Giovanni Bosco Reminders to practise the Preventive System (1884-1885) In his 1877 booklet on pedagogy, Don Bosco highlights the advantages of the Preventive System and ot... 1884
Giovanni Bosco Prevention and education (1877-1878): The Preventive System in the Education of the Young The Preventive System in the education of the young (1877) is one of the most important and widespre... 1877 - 1878
Giovanni Bosco Educational reading and spreading good books (1860-1885) “Don Bosco,” Fr Michael Rua writes in a brief note in 1867 “sad at seeing the great evil that was ha... 1860 - 1885
Giovanni Bosco Summary of goodnights to the boys at Valdocco (1864-1877) Amongst the more original practices put in place as part of the educational praxis at Valdocco, and ... 1864 - 1877
Giovanni Bosco Guidelines for running salesian houses (1863-1887) The origin of this authoritative document, the Confidential Reminders, is a letter written to Fr Mic... 1863 - 1887
Giovanni Bosco Don Bosco’s educational method in confidential discussions with a politician (1854) and an elementary school teacher (1864) “Even though these were written down later (1881-1882), two presentations which Don Bosco made regar... 1854 - 1864
Giovanni Bosco Educational experiences in the school and family setting (1855) The “document that properly begins the representation of Don Bosco’s real experience as an educator ... 1855
Emmanuel Camilleri Don Bosco’s writings. A theological perspective & means for accompaniment Don Bosco’s writings are diverse, and yet they had one particular aim: educating the young to religi... 1844 - 1888
Vivien Meli Meli L’intervista durante il congresso “Giovani e scelte di vita: prospettive educative” [embed][/embed] L’intervista al prof. Vivien Meli Meli – Université de ... 2018
Carlo Loots The theory of presence of Andries Baart as a source of inspiration for education and assistance Don Bosco as discussion partner / companion A great advocate of the theory of presence is Andries Baart, professor at the Catholic Theological U... 1884 - 2018
Colette Schaumont Presence in ordinary life Educating is not an activity you do alongside other activities. It is intertwined in the daily inter... 1884 - 2018
María del Carmen Canales Ricomprensione della presenza dell’adulto Ho voluto rileggere il documento Perché abbiano vita e vita in abbondanza. Linee orientative della m... 2013 - 2018
Roger Burggraeve On the way to sustainable love. Ethical Stepping Stones for a Christian and Salesian Relational and Sexual Education of Growth in a Pluralist Society In my essay I would like to present the stepping-stones for a Christian-inspired and Salesian relati... 1968 - 2018
Antonio Dellagiulia, Giuseppe Crea, Joseph Jeyaraj, Lorenzo Filosa, Robert Ramesh Babu The significance of the association between spirituality, well-being and perceived social support of indian college students. Recent studies conducted in India have shown that both perceived social support and spirituality con... 2018
Kamil Bagin, Katarina Bagin Family Garden, counselling Centre for families The Family Garden is a counseling Centre for families, located in Bratislava, Slovakia, staffed by l... 2018
Thomas Anchukandam "Kristu Jyoti college, Bangalore: the history and significance of the opening of the first Salesian institution in the archdiocese of Bangalore - Part II" in "Ricerche Storiche Salesiane" Kristu Jyoti College, built and launched on its mission of theological formation of the Salesians in... 1967 - 2018
Julia Arciniegas Alvares Bibliografia sull’Istituto delle Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice La presente bibliografia intende far conoscere ad un più vasto pubblico il contributo di riflessione... 1872 - 2017
Ángel Fernández Artime «Signs and bearers of the love of god for young people, especially those who are poor» (C. 2) Six years tht demand boldness, prophecy and fidelity Contents: 1. A precarious time 2. A believing manner of looking at reality and the world 3. The... 2020
Capitolo Generale XXVIII Salesiani di Don Bosco “What kind of Salesians for the youth of today?”. Post-chapter reflection The document that now reaches all confreres through this publication is subtitled “Post-Chapter refl... 2020
Michal Vojtáš Salesian criteria and proposal for higher education The educational experience of Don Bosco inspires Salesian Higher Education in different ways. The fi... 1930 - 1997

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