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Stephen Whelan The Catholic Readings: writing for the masses ...eals how much St. John Bosco involved others, laity, diocesan clergy, religious and, later, his own Salesians, in the apostolate of the press for the sake of the Gospel and the mission of the Church.   ... 1853 - 1888
Arthur Lenti The founding and early expansion of the salesian work in the San Francisco area from Archival Documents ...Recently the Central Salesian Archives released the files of the Rua rectorate on some 1,750 microfiches. This boon has made arch... 1895 - 1897
Joseph Boenzi St. Francis de Sales, bibliography of publications in English ...Over the last number of years "Salesian Spirituality," first articulated by Francis de Sales and Jane Frances de Chantal, has attracted ren... 1700 - 1995
Arthur Lenti Key-concepts, concerns and fears of a Founder-Don Bosco in his declining years Part II ...cade of his life. That article, based almost entirely on unpublished minutes held in the Central Salesian Archive, dealt chiefly with one area of concern, namely, the admission of candidates to the Salesia... 1875 - 1888
Philip J. Pascucci Out of our past an american venture into seminary training ...nother transplanting, another wandering. It is the story of the long, hard struggle of the early Salesians in the United States to found a permanent house for the training of young Salesians.   Cont... 1903 - 1992
Arthur Lenti Key-concepts, concerns and fears of a founder- Don Bosco in his declining years ...which saw the light of day in this Journal, was based on chronicles and memoirs held in the Central Salesian Archive. Besides these chronicles and memoirs, there are other important documents to be found in t... 1875 - 1888
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's last years, his last illness and saintly death from eyewitness accounts ... attitudes. For this it will rely on eyewitness accounts, the chronicles and memoirs authored by Salesians close to the saint. The Biographical Memoirs and other Lives of Don Bosco, reliable though they be... 1884 - 1888
Mary Treacy Mother Marie-Louise-Angelique Clarac and Don Bosco - an idea matures of Charity of Good Counsel. Until recently this complex and dynamic woman was little known in Salesian circles and even now few people in the English-speaking world are conversant with the details of he... 1817 - 1887
Arthur Lenti The Bosco-Gastaldi conflict (1872-82), Part II ...Thus the approval of the Salesian Constitutions in April 1874 was followed by a second and more bitterly fought phase of the conflict... 1872 - 1882
Michael Ribotta Discovering America: Father Raphael Pipemi and the first salesian missionaries in North America ...h steamship, the Werra, approached New York harbor. Clutched in his hand was a letter from the then Salesian superior general, Father Michael Rua, which informed him of the impending arrival of a group of fou... 1892 - 1927
Michael Mendl A man for his times: Father Peter Ricaldone as Rector Major (1932-1951), Part I ...Peter Ricaldone was a major superior of the Salesian Society for forty years, half of them as rector major. He authored eleven books (three of them m... 1870 - 1932
Michael Ribotta Peter Enria Remembers ...d in the copious documentation that comprises the chronicles and annals of the early history of the Salesian Society in the Salesian archives in Rome, there is a treasure trove of diaries, journals, memoirs, ... 1841 - 1898
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's missionary dreams (Part I) ...the missions; and then, the two "South American" missionary dreams, projecting the expansion of the Salesian work in that subcontinent.   Contents: Prefatory Note Introduction Part One: Preliminar... 1871 - 1885
Jack Ayers The "Salesianity" that wins all hearts ...The reader may be surprised to learn that at the first canonical assembly of Salesians, Don Bosco was equating fidelity to our Society with the broad road of "Salesianity" mapped out in... 1835 - 1877
Philip J. Pascucci Once upon a time in old New York ...n the whole of the United States. From this essay which covers only the first early years of the Salesian presence in the eastern United States some important facts stand out. Contents: 1. The Backgroun... 1842 - 1954
John Itzaina "My Charitable Mademoiselle" ... strikingly revealed in his series of letters to Mademoiselle Clara Louvet, one of the first French Salesian cooperators. The contents of these fifty-eight letters reveal Don Bosco as a spiritual guide, sens... 1832 - 1885
Michael Ribotta 'The road not taken"--The Salesians' circuitous road to North America ...all to send missionaries to the city of San Francisco in 1870: "It is our intention to dispatch our Salesians to St.Vincent's (Orphan Asylum] some time during the first six months of 1871 -but certainly no la... 1850 - 1884
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's Boswell: John Baptist Lemoyne-the man and his work ...dination Meeting with Don Bosco One Year with Don Bosco and Perpetual Profession Director of the Salesian School at Lanzo (1865-1877) Local Spiritual Director of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians a... 1839 - 1916

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