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Paul Formosa Historical sketch of the oratory of Don Bosco in Malta ...ed to bring together both educators and young people in sharing the vision. How effective were the Salesians in creating the family spirit which is indispensable to the charism? Has the Oratory in Sliema effe... 1861 - 1970
Michael Chang "A concise history of the salesian corean missions" in "The beginning of the Salesian presence in east Asia". ...t Fr. Cimatti himself as Provincial began to form missionaries in Japan to send to Korea. The first Salesians to enter Korea were the fruits of these endeavors. Don Bosco era un uomo che sognava. I suoi sogni... 1908 - 1968
Nestor Impelido The Salesians in the Philippines (1951-1963) “Dove la nostra opera vi era nata… già adulta” ...This is a study on the beginnings of the Salesians in the Philippines. It covers the years from the creation of the Philippine Salesian Delegation (19... 1951 - 1963
Gregorio Bicomong "The general background and the expansion of the salesian work in the EAO region in the 1950s" in "Implantation of the Salesian charism in Asia - Ideals, challenges, answers, results" ...EAO region in the 1950s. Thus the study is limited to those EAO provinces or countries where the Salesians were present in the 1950s. These, with their year of starting, are: Macao 1906, China 1910, Japan 1... 1906 - 1963
Nestor Impelido "Salesians in the Philippines (1949-1963): historical notes" in "The beginning of the Salesian presence in east Asia". ...ngs and origins from the first Salesian Presence in East Asia: China. For in the two times that the Salesians started to root themselves in the Philippines, they came from China to negotiate and to concretise ... 1949 - 1963
Enrico Danieli "The salesian charism in the new cultural environment of the kingdom of Siam in the first 30 years" in "Implantation of the Salesian charism in Asia - Ideals, challenges, answers, results" ... to present the situation prevailing in the Kingdom of Siam at the time of the arrival of the first Salesians and the unexpected turn of evens which posed challenges to them. This will be followed by a desc... 1925 - 1960
Maria Mukai Yumiko "Brief historical notes on the foundation of the sisters of charity of Miyazaki" in "L'educazione salesiana in Europa negli anni difficili del XX secolo" ...i and Fr. A. Cavoli, becoming "one of the works most characteristic of the missionary action of the Salesians in Japan". Nell'anno in cui papa Pio XI promulgò l'enciclica Rerum Ecclesiae (1926), il 16 febbrai... 1926 - 1957
Maliwan Paramathawirote, Paranal Phengpinit "The salesian charism in SIHM's life and mission in the local church" in "Implantation of the Salesian charism in Asia - Ideals, challenges, answers, results" ... Gaetano Pasotti, the Missionary 2.3. Bishop Gaetano Pasotti, the Salesian 3. The Role of the Salesians of Don Bosco 4. The Role of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians 5. Absorbing the Salesian Ch... 1937 - 1957
Jose Kuruvachira History of the Inculturation of Don Bosco’s Charism in India: 1906-1956 ...ducation; mission ad gentes and catechesis; works of charity and human developmental. Formation of salesians in loco, fostering of indigenous vocations, promotion of local cultures and languages, and openness... 1906 - 1956
John Nguyen Van Ty "The beginning of the salesian work in Vietnam: the patriarchal story and exodus" in "The beginning of the Salesian presence in east Asia". ...Up to the present day, officially the Salesians of Vietnam has had a history of over 52 years. A history that is long, as well as epic and fruitful... 1930 - 1955
Philip J. Pascucci Once upon a time in old New York 3. The Melting Pot 4. The First Calls to New York City's Melting Pot 5. The Efforts to Obtain Salesians Continue 6. The Final Answer 7. The Arrival at New York's Melting Pot 8. Planting the Seed 9. T... 1842 - 1954
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's beatification and canonization ... developed for classes and retreats over the course of the last year. For over a decade, Italian Salesians have had access to Pietro Stella's critical study of the process of the beatification and canonizat... 1890 - 1953
Mathew Kapplikunnel "The implantation of the salesian charism in India: ideals, challenges, answers, results" in "Implantation of the Salesian charism in Asia - Ideals, challenges, answers, results" ...presence in India may be considered to be the period from 1906 to 1951/52, i.e. from the arrival of Salesians until the establishment of the two provinces of the North and the South. This paper proposes to stu... 1906 - 1952
Grazia Loparco "The arrival of the daughters of Mary help of Christians in the far east" in "L'educazione salesiana in Europa negli anni difficili del XX secolo" ...ndation 3. Commitment to adapting as well as facing economic difficulty 4. Collaboration with the Salesians 5. The formation of "Indigenous" religious Conclusive remarks ... 1922 - 1950
Joseph Thekedathu "The starting of the first salesian work in Bombay and its consolidation (1928-1950)" in "Insediamenti e iniziative salesiane dopo don Bosco" ...Several of the above mentioned factors convinced mgr. Louis Mathias, the first provincial of the Salesians in India, of the importance of starting a Salesian house in Bombay. He had, however, another com... 1928 - 1950
Carlo Socol "Don Bosco in mainland China. A case study on reports from Shenbao (Shangai news), 1929-1949" in "Percezione della figura di don Bosco all'esterno dell'Opera Salesiana dal 1879 al 1965" ...ious reports in Shenbao is a first attempt to gauge public opinion on youth work, Don Bosco and the Salesians in Shangai based on newspaper records. Of Don Bosco as such, Shenbao offers two vivid portraits:... 1929 - 1949
Amador Anjos "The first salesians in east Timor: 1927-1929" in "The beginning of the Salesian presence in east Asia". ...The purpose of this work is to show the process of the first presence of the Salesians in East Timor, between 1927 and 1929. It is a meteoric presence for it did not last two whole years... 1862 - 1946
Enrico Danieli "The initium of the salesian presence in Thailand" in "The beginning of the Salesian presence in east Asia". ...f Propaganda Fide, saying that he would like to entrust a new mission in the Kingdom of Siam to the Salesians. Negli anni 1924-25, la Congregazione Salesiana si preparava a celebrare il 50° anniversario delle... 1850 - 1945
William John Dickson "The dynamics of growth. The foundation and development of the salesians in England" ...What follows is an attempt to write a history of the foundation and development of the Salesians in England, from the origins in the 1940s up to 1930, with a postscript on the crisis of 1939-40. ... 1889 - 1940
Carlo Socol "The implantation of the salesian charism in China (1906-1936): ideals, challenges, answers and results" in "Implantation of the Salesian charism in Asia - Ideals, challenges, answers, results" ...The Salesians landed in Macao on 13 February 1906 to take over the management of a diocesan orphanage and set up ... 1906 - 1936
Philip J. Pascucci A brief account of the parish salesian ministry in Ybor City and West Tampa (Florida-Usa): 1926-1935 ...reat deal of documentation, especially letters, the author describes the pastoral experience of the Salesians in the three parishes assigned to them in 1926, in which there was a considerable number of Italian... 1926 - 1935
Gaetano Compri "Implantation of the salesian charism in Japan. Reflections of Fr Cimatti on the formation of personnel in loco" in "Implantation of the Salesian charism in Asia - Ideals, challenges, answers, results" ...some years before they could begin something there, and more years still to have the first Japanese Salesians. I primi nove missionari salesiani arrivarono in Giappone l'8 febbraio 1926 sotto la guida di don ... 1926 - 1935
John Dickson Refounding or renewal? A historical case study ...rale dell'Hostie rispetto a quello dell'Arbuckle.   Indice: Refounding versus renewal The Salesians in England A case study Early Flourishing Disturbing Developments Refounded in a... 1841 - 1934
Francesco Motto "Salesian missionary activity while blessed Filippo Rinaldi (1921-1931) was Rector maior with particular reference to eastern Asia" in "The beginning of the Salesian presence in east Asia". ...rmation 2.3. A missionary youth movement (1922...) 2.4. Vatican missionary exhibition ( 1925) and Salesians in Turin (1926) 2.5. " Missionary" Congresses of Cooperators, of Youth and of Salesians (1925-1926... 1921 - 1931
Leong Domingos "The political situation in China in 1920-30 and its effects on salesians" in "The beginning of the Salesian presence in east Asia". ... invasion. It greatly affected the daily life of the people, and also, giving a great hindrance for Salesians, along with other missionaries, in their evangelization and educational endeavors. Questo articolo... 1920 - 1930
Joseph Thekedathu "St Francis Xavier’s orphanage and industrial school at Tanjore, South India (1906-1928)", in "L’Opera Salesiana dal 1880 al 1922. Esperienze particolari in Europa, Africa, Asia". ...The achievements of the Salesians during their 22 years of work at Tanjore were certainly remarkable. When they reached that place, t... 1906 - 1928
Michael Ribotta Discovering America: Father Raphael Pipemi and the first salesian missionaries in North America ...uperior general, Father Michael Rua, which informed him of the impending arrival of a group of four Salesians in New York. At their head was Father Raphael Piperni. In the early afternoon, of the first week... 1892 - 1927
Arthur Lenti Saint with a human face: Don Bosco in Father Giulio Barberis original chronicle ...bsp; Contents: Introduction Part I: Chroniclers and Chronicles-Documentation Gathered by Early Salesians Who Were Witnesses of Don Bosco's Words and Actions I. "Historical Committees" and Periods of Re... 1847 - 1927
Carlo Socol "The first twenty years of the orfanato of Macao between ideal and reality (1906-1926)" in "Insediamenti e iniziative salesiane dopo don Bosco" ...e problem areas of the first Salesian settlement in China: 1. the charismatic urge that brought the Salesians to Macao; 2. the first painful impact with reality; 3. the role played by the Orfanato in the overa... 1906 - 1926
Aldo Giraudo Fr Paul Albera: Master of Spiritual Life ...IAN SPIRITUALITY The magisterium of life Spirit of prayer Life of faith Don Bosco a model for Salesians The virtues of the Salesian   Third part - SELECTED TEXTS The spirit of prayer At Don... 1845 - 1921
Joseph Boenzi Paolo Albera's instructions early efforts to inculcate the Spirit of Don Bosco formation of the membership. He saw to the general ordering of all phases of formation among the Salesians, and exerted a major influence among the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in this same sector. ... 1892 - 1921
William John Dickson Prevention or repression. The reception of Don Bosco's educational approach in british salesian schools ...e English perception that some aspects of Don Bosco's Preventive System to the eyes of some foreign Salesians the existence of corporal punishment in Salesian schools was a direct contradiction of Don Bosco's ... 1790 - 1920
Pietro Stella Don Bosco: life and work ... Salesian schools and their historical role 3. The focus on boarding schools and its impact on the Salesians Bibliography  VI. The Salesian Society 1. The political and religious situation in Piedmon... 1815 - 1912
Michael Mendl "The zeal of the salesians is just the thing". Founding of the salesian work in New York ...Over one hundred years ago, on November 28, 1898, three Salesians arrived in New York to initiate a Salesian apostolate among the Italian immigrants of that metropol... 1897 - 1911
John Dickson An introduction to Don Rua's letters to England ...sor of St. John Bosco as Rector Major of the Salesian Society (1888-1910). During his Rectorate the Salesians grew from 1030 members in 64 houses to 4420 confreres scattered across the globe. Don Rua's letters... 1889 - 1909
Michele Rua Letteres to the confreres of the english province (1887-1909). Introduction, critical text and notes by Martin McPake and William John Dickson ...ssor of St John Bosco as Rector Major of the Salesian Society (1888-1910). During his Rectorate the Salesians grew from 1030 members in 64 houses to 4420 confreres scattered across the globe. What is presented... 1887 - 1909
John Dickson "War, racism and immobility the social impact of the early salesian work in Cape Town", in "L’Opera Salesiana dal 1880 al 1922. Esperienze particolari in Europa, Africa, Asia". ...f Southern Africa in December 1895 it was announced that Bishop Leonard had already agreed with the Salesians of Turin (Don Bosco) to open a house at Cape Town for the recovery of poor boys of an older age. Th... 1895 - 1906
Michael Mendl Salesian Beginnings in New York. The extraordinary visitation of Father Paolo Albera in march 1903 ...a di don Albera, è presentata con note.   Indice: Introduction The New York Context The Salesians in New York The Extraordinary Visitation Conclusion DOCUMENTS... 1903
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's last years, his last illness and saintly death from eyewitness accounts ... attitudes. For this it will rely on eyewitness accounts, the chronicles and memoirs authored by Salesians close to the saint. The Biographical Memoirs and other Lives of Don Bosco, reliable though they be,... 1884 - 1888
Stephen Whelan The Catholic Readings: writing for the masses ...eals how much St. John Bosco involved others, laity, diocesan clergy, religious and, later, his own Salesians, in the apostolate of the press for the sake of the Gospel and the mission of the Church.   ... 1853 - 1888
Arthur Lenti Da Mihi Animas in Don Bosco. Don Bosco's life and work for the "Salvation of Souls" ... Bosco's incessant activity and the pastoral and ascetical program that he wished to hand on to his Salesians. How this driving ideal powered Don Bosco's life and work-that is, his manifold pastoral choices-is... 1884 - 1888
Kaoru Tamura Something about Mary. Reflections on Don Bosco, mother Mazzarello and the development of the "Spirit of Mornese" ...ians was founded. However, she seems to have been well prepared for her work with Don Bosco and the Salesians, both in her philosophical formation and her life experiences. How then was a simple woman of peasa... 1864 - 1887
Giovanni Bosco Deliberations of the last General Chapters Don Bosco presided over (1883-1886) ...a Salesian house there will be a festive oratory to be considered as “the most important work”; the Salesians, priests and lay, are called to cooperate in its smooth running, regarding it as the “single prospe... 1883 - 1886
Giovanni Bosco Circular letters to Salesians and the Daughters of Mary Help of christians ...Don Bosco’s Circular letters to the Salesians and Daughters of Mary Help of Christians are small masterpieces of spirituality. The Saint expresse... 1867 - 1886
Giovanni Bosco Society of St Francis de Sales ...d of the three oratories in Turin, by Archbishop Fransoni (no. 30), the choice in 1854 of the name ‘Salesians’ for some young men who were ready to undergo a “trial of the exercise of practical charity towards... 1852 - 1885
Giovanni Bosco Don Bosco’s ‘theology’ of religious life ...tion of the Salesian Constitutions, published in 1875, Don Bosco wrote a wide-ranging letter To the Salesians, to guide them in interpreting the rules and to infuse in them a correct idea of religious life. He... 1875 - 1885
Giovanni Bosco Constitutional documents ...e and the extension of Christ’s salvific work”, is what best distinguishes the relationship between Salesians and the beneficiaries of their work. It is charity, “theologically understood and psychologically e... 1858 - 1885
Michael Mendl New information on the salesians'coming to New York ...dl, in his research has discovered "a long missing letter'' that states Don Bosco's refusal to send Salesians to New York in 1848. This letter completes Michael Mendl 's article in the Journal on founding Sale... 1884 - 1885
Michael Ribotta 'The road not taken"--The Salesians' circuitous road to North America ...all to send missionaries to the city of San Francisco in 1870: "It is our intention to dispatch our Salesians to St.Vincent's (Orphan Asylum] some time during the first six months of 1871 -but certainly no lat... 1850 - 1884

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