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Giovanni Bosco Educational reading and spreading good books (1860-1885) “Don Bosco,” Fr Michael Rua writes in a brief note in 1867 “sad at seeing the great evil that was ha... 1860 - 1885
Giovanni Bosco Summary of goodnights to the boys at Valdocco (1864-1877) Amongst the more original practices put in place as part of the educational praxis at Valdocco, and ... 1864 - 1877
Giovanni Bosco The two “official” regulations (1877) In the years from 1853 to 1862, Valdocco was transformed from a festive Oratory—an open institution—... 1877
Giovanni Bosco Spiritual counsel in Don Bosco’s letters to boys and older youth St John Bosco’s correspondence mirrors his manifold activities as a promoter of educational and welf... 1860 - 1879
Ángel Fernández Artime "100 Years for God and for the World". Letter of the Rector Major to the Volunteers of Don Bosco on the Centenary of the Foundation of the Institute Contents: 1. A LOOK AT THE ORIGINS 2. AROUSED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT IN THE NOVELTY OF CONSECRATED S... 2017
Lana Ivanjek Motivation of volunteers working with the young refugees in the salesian In September 2015, when a big group of refugees came to Austria, Salesians Don Bosco have started a ... 2018
Mathew Kapplikunnel "Father Philip Thayil: visionary and innovator (1917-2003)" in "Ricerche Storiche Salesiane" It is quite natural that anyone who intends to profile a Salesian personality in South India would q... 1917 - 2003
Aldo Giraudo Fr Paul Albera: Master of Spiritual Life In Paul Albera (1845-1921) we have a man who was personally formed by Don Bosco, and one of those re... 1845 - 1921
Anthony Nguyen God as father and Don Bosco as father Don Bosco is a saint who is honored as the “father and teacher” of the youth. However, we may be cur... 2020 - 2021
Morand Wirth Saint Francis de Sales. A Program of Integral Formation In the wake of Renaissance humanism, St Francis de Sales developed a pastoral rather than theoretica... 1700 - 2022

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