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Egidio Viganò A requirement of the Preventive System Contents: An authentic and urgent request Original inspiration A requirement of the Preventive ... 1979
Egidio Viganò The Challenge of Synod 80 Contents: 1. The recent Episcopal Synod 2. The importance of the family theme 3. Inspirational ... 1981
Egidio Viganò The challenge of the Media Contents: The Salesian mission and the media Mass media: a new way of being present Don Bosco, ... 1981
Egidio Viganò The Salesian Mission and the Workers'World Contents: Thinking over the journey A call from the southern hemisphere The importance of the w... 1983
Egidio Viganò Letter of John Paul II to youth of the world Contents: Introduction The Year of Youth Values of youth Light of the Gospel Difficult ... 1985
Egidio Viganò The Past-Pupils of Don Bosco Contents: Introduction Article 5 of the constitutions The "education received" 17 years ... 1987
Jacques Schepens Human nature in the educational outlook of St. John Bosco The present article is offered as a contribution to a deeper understanding of the image of man as pr... 1863 - 1886
Michael Ribotta Don Bosco's battle against illiteracy in this article M. Ribotta explains Don Bosco's commitment to promoting education in Turin. ... 1844 - 1923
Egidio Viganò New Education Contents: Introduction: the newly emerging scene in the field of education Urgent need of "new e... 1991
Michael Ribotta Training boys to earn a living: the beginnings of vocational education at the oratory Don Bosco's biographer, Father John Baptist Lemoyne, notes that most of the boys who attended Don Bo... 1844 - 1862
Mary Treacy Mother Marie-Louise-Angelique Clarac and Don Bosco - an idea matures In the first part of his study on the "Bosco-Gastaldi conflict", Arthur Lenti drew attention to anot... 1817 - 1887
Michael Ribotta The Roman Letter of 1884 and its aftermath In retrospect, one can appreciate why Don Bosco had become so distraught by the message that was pla... 1884 - 1927
Michael Ribotta Tough love is not the answer- Don Bosco's views on punishment In our essay we shall examine the meaning and application of "punishment" and "discipline" as found ... 1843 - 1883
John Rasor Early salesian regulations: formation in the Preventive System The first part of this study, however, will examine that other body of Salesian particular law, the ... 1850 - 1972
Juan Edmundo Vecchi "He had compassion on them" (Mk 6,34). New forms of poverty, salesian mission, effectiveness Contents: The new scenario of our educative commitment An option of the Church Our process of r... 1997
Juan Edmundo Vecchi "For you I study..." (C 14). Satisfactory preparation of the confreres and the quality of our educative work Contents: 1. A theme which crops up repeatedly 2. "For you I study": an indispensable element of... 1997
Rik Biesmans Aesthetics in Don Bosco's educational system The word "Aesthetics" sounds somewhat abstract in English, but it represents a theme that has been e... 1876 - 1884
Christopher Ford Quality, culture and charism In the article Fr. Christopher Ford investigates the theme of "culture of education" in Catholic sch... 1971 - 1994
Juan Edmundo Vecchi Sent to bring good news to the poor Contents: 1. Our poverty Freedom and detachment Investing in the community Sig... 1999
Juan Edmundo Vecchi Communication in the Salesian Mission Contents: 1. Let us get on the air ...with the church ...and with the charism ... 2000
Juan Edmundo Vecchi "This is my body, which is given for you" Contents: 1. A Eucharistic “hour” The ecclesial process The question Our Eucha... 2000
Pascual Chavez Villanueva “My dear salesians, be saints!" Contents: 1. Holiness, a permanent part of our family heritage 1.1. Following Don Bosco 1.2. ... 2002
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "And preach as you go, saying 'the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand', (Mt 10,7) Presentation of the America South-Cone Region Contents: 1. CULTURAL, SOCIAL AND RELIGIOUS SITUATION ATTHE PRESENT DAY 2. THE BEGINNINGS OF SAL... 2005
Pascual Chavez Villanueva “You who seek the Lord; look to the rock from which you were hewn” (Is 51,1). Presentation of the Interamerica Region Contents: INTRODUCTION 1. STRUCTURE AND HISTORY OF THE REGION Andean Zone Ecuador Colom... 2006
John Dickson "Prevention or repression. The reception of Don Bosco’s educational approach in English Salesian schools", in "L’educazione salesiana dal 1880 al 1922. Istanze ed attuazioni in diversi contesti Volume I" The question that this paper seeks to explore is to what extent Don Bosco’s educational approach was... 1702 - 1980
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "You love everything that exists, and nothing that you have made disgusts you... Lord lover of life" (Wisdom 11, 24. 12, 11) Contents: The World Congress of Salesian Cooperators The Seminar "Europe Mission Territory" The... 2007
Pascual Chavez Villanueva Let us educate with the heart of Don Bosco Contents: 1 . Educating with Don Bosco's heart 1.1 Vocation and the way to holiness 1.2 Preve... 2008
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Like Don Bosco the educator, we offer young people the Gospel of joy through a pedagogy of kindness". Second year of preparation for the Bicentenary of his birth Contents: Premise: The Synod on "new evangelisation for the transmission of the faith" Reflectio... 2013
Stanislaus Swamikannu A society in transition! A culture gone awry! A religion turned virtual! A human being in the making! All processes! – Not a doom but a creative challenge for the future The apocalyptic sounding phrases ‘The end of m... 2015
Rik Biesmans Assistance. The essence of Don Bosco’s preventive system (1876-1884) – Part 1 The article centers on the theme of assistance, and how this element is a foundation ofDon Bosco’s P... 1876 - 1884
Rik Biesmans Assistance. The essence of Don Bosco’s Preventive System (1876-1884) - Part 2 In the course of the exposition so far it often appeared that one of the doubtless objectives of ass... 1876 - 1884
Jose Kuttianimattathil The preventive system and child rights more than a tool for working with children with behavioral difficulties The Salesians, who have been applying the Preventive System since the time of their Don Bosco, have ... 1850 - 2012
Ángel Fernández Artime "So that they may have life and have it to the full" (John 10,10). Five fruits of the bicentenary Contents: 1. A YEAR OF GRACE WITH SO MANY FRUITS 2. BECAUSE, ALMOST WITHOUT REALISING IT, THE CO... 2015
Bogdan Stańkowski Giovanni Bosco and young people in the master-apprentice relationship perspective. Upbringing implications in view of work with socially maladjusted youth The author of this article wants to explore the phenomenology of Giovanni Bosco’s encounter with his... 2014
Emmanuel Camilleri Characteristic traits of the spiritual accompaniment of the young. As an integral part of the educational system of Don Bosco - Part 1 The following four-part article has as its objective a particular aspect of Don Bosco’s charism: the... 1850 - 2015
Michal Vojtáš Don Bosco: a living harmony of leadership and management qualities This study of Don Bosco in a perspective of organizational virtues is intended to be in a circular h... 1978 - 1990
Miguel Angel Garcia Personal accompaniment in the salesian educative-pastoral plan In many a document the Church has defined the nature, goal and elements of youth ministry and has in... 1975 - 2010
Fabio Attard Professional formation of the young in salesian youth ministry The topic of professional formation within the Salesian world is to be read in the light of the earl... 1854 - 1998
Giovanni Bosco Educational reading and spreading good books (1860-1885) “Don Bosco,” Fr Michael Rua writes in a brief note in 1867 “sad at seeing the great evil that was ha... 1860 - 1885
Michal Vojtáš Reviving Don Bosco’s oratory. Salesian Youth Ministry, leadership and innovative project management The “Salesians of Don Bosco” (SDB) are the largest Catholic religious order with a primary focus on ... 1965 - 2014
Emmanuel Camilleri Don Bosco’s writings. A theological perspective & means for accompaniment Don Bosco’s writings are diverse, and yet they had one particular aim: educating the young to religi... 1844 - 1888
Giovanni Bosco Summary of goodnights to the boys at Valdocco (1864-1877) Amongst the more original practices put in place as part of the educational praxis at Valdocco, and ... 1864 - 1877
Giovanni Bosco Educational experiences in the school and family setting (1855) The “document that properly begins the representation of Don Bosco’s real experience as an educator ... 1855
Giovanni Bosco First salesian colleges founded outside Turin (1863-1864) “One and not the last study by Don Bosco this year,” writes J. B. Lemoyne referring to 1863 “was the... 1863 - 1864
Giovanni Bosco Don Bosco’s educational method in confidential discussions with a politician (1854) and an elementary school teacher (1864) “Even though these were written down later (1881-1882), two presentations which Don Bosco made regar... 1854 - 1864
Giovanni Bosco School and boarding house at Mornese Nizza Monferrato - FMA (1873-1878) The Programme—also called Regulations—of the school in Mornese was printed by Don Bosco at the Orato... 1873 - 1878
Giovanni Bosco Guidelines for running salesian houses (1863-1887) The origin of this authoritative document, the Confidential Reminders, is a letter written to Fr Mic... 1863 - 1887
Giovanni Bosco The two “official” regulations (1877) In the years from 1853 to 1862, Valdocco was transformed from a festive Oratory—an open institution—... 1877
Giovanni Bosco Prevention and education (1877-1878): The Preventive System in the Education of the Young The Preventive System in the education of the young (1877) is one of the most important and widespre... 1877 - 1878
Giovanni Bosco The companion of youth The first edition of Il giovane provveduto (in English The Companion of Youth) appeared in 1847 and ... 1847 - 1887

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