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Michal Vojtáš Don Bosco: a living harmony of leadership and management qualities ...e Salesians of Don Bosco find themselves. From the 1970’s to the present day, the organizational methodology of the Salesians has been substantially influenced by the Management by Objectives model (MBO)... 1978 - 1990
Miguel Angel García Morcuende Personal accompaniment in the salesian educative-pastoral plan ...hurch has defined the nature, goal and elements of youth ministry and has included it neatly in the methods of evangelization in its different stages. We can proudly say that the Salesian educative-pastoral... 1975 - 2010
Rik Biesmans Don Bosco & Saint Francis De Sales (1842-1880). Concerning the question whether Don Bosco was influenced by Francis de Sales in both his personal faith and his pastoral-pedagogical practice ...of the seminary in Montpellier. During the days of reflection for priests, they were discussing the methods of accompaniment of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Francis de Sales applied with those souls on the w... 1842 - 1880
Bogdan Stańkowski Giovanni Bosco and young people in the master-apprentice relationship perspective. Upbringing implications in view of work with socially maladjusted youth ...ster-apprentice relationship vs. optimal personal development of pupils Some clarifications on methodology of author’s own studies Perceiving adult tutor by socially maladjusted boys – study results ... 2014
Dominic Veliath Encounter of the salesian charism. South Asian context ...le, that is, “Salesian charism,” “South Asia,” and finally, the issue of the “Encounter...”. The method will be that of moving from one focal point to the other with the climax being that of “encounter.”... 1841 - 1971
Jose Kuttianimattathil The preventive system and child rights more than a tool for working with children with behavioral difficulties ...en applying the Preventive System since the time of their Don Bosco, have understood it mostly as a method of education. However, when we re-read the Preventive System from the perspective of rights, we rea... 1850 - 2012
Juan Edmundo Vecchi Centennial celebration of the salesian presence in the United States of America. Homily in San Francisco, February 2, 1997, oratories and study centers. The name and spirit of Don Bosco has penetrated into society. His method of approach to the young and his style of education have been received with harmony and consent. T... 1997
John Rasor Early salesian regulations: formation in the Preventive System ...ndividual articles, shed light on the Salesians' evolving view of Don Bosco's way of educating. His method is called the Preventive System, and it is based on reason, religion, and kindness.    ... 1850 - 1972
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's Boswell: John Baptist Lemoyne-the man and his work ...ry of the Biographical Memoirs; and Part III will inquire into the historical criteria and into the method with which the author worked, for an evaluation (by way of conclusion) of the historical character ... 1839 - 1916

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