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John Rozario Lourdusamy The spiritual profile of Don Bosco emerging from the collection of his letters also in his relationship with others through love and gratitude, particularly with his boys and Salesian sons who are truly his delight and consolation. As for the relationship with self, we have listed t... 1840 - 1888
Michal Vojtáš Salesian criteria and proposal for higher education ...The educational experience of Don Bosco inspires Salesian Higher Education in different ways. The first is in the inspirations of the Salesian charism that a... 1930 - 1997
Eunan McDonnell Holy indifference. Freeing the heart for pure love ...The theme of Pure Love is essential to understanding a Salesian spirituality as lived within the Visitandine tradition. This article explores pure love through the... 1700 - 1800
Bogdan Stańkowski Giovanni Bosco and young people in the master-apprentice relationship perspective. Upbringing implications in view of work with socially maladjusted youth ... part, we will present the results of our studies, conducted among socially maladjusted boys in the Salesian Youth Education Centre in Trzciniec (Poland).   Contents: Introduction Phenomenology of ... 2014
Rik Biesmans Don Bosco & Saint Francis De Sales (1842-1880). Concerning the question whether Don Bosco was influenced by Francis de Sales in both his personal faith and his pastoral-pedagogical practice ...reat at Lanzo in 1877. An autographical story of Don Bosco in May 1879, told to the members of the Salesian Congregation. What should one bear in mind when admitting novices? The present and future of the ... 1842 - 1880
Fabio Attard Professional formation of the young in salesian youth ministry ...The topic of professional formation within the Salesian world is to be read in the light of the early experience of Don Bosco. One will not understand eith... 1854 - 1998
Miguel Angel García Morcuende Personal accompaniment in the salesian educative-pastoral plan ...ded it neatly in the methods of evangelization in its different stages. We can proudly say that the Salesian educative-pastoral plan has been, and continues to be, in line with the Church’s evangelizing missi... 1975 - 2010
Emmanuel Camilleri Characteristic traits of the spiritual accompaniment of the young. As an integral part of the educational system of Don Bosco - Part 1 ...nificant since it is fundamental to Don Bosco’s educational system and it is a characteristic of us Salesians, as accompaniers of the young. Contents: Spiritual Accompaniment The Dynamics The Ac... 1850 - 2015
Michal Vojtáš Don Bosco: a living harmony of leadership and management qualities ...ded to be in a circular hermeneutic relation with the present period of transformation in which the Salesians of Don Bosco find themselves. From the 1970’s to the present day, the organizational methodolog... 1978 - 1990
John Roche Salesian evangelization. At the threshold of the bicentennial of Don Bosco’s birth – Part 1 ...Roche offers us a reflection on Salesian evangelization and how this is seen to share with the Church and the global community the precise a... 1965 - 2015
Francis J. Moloney The salesian charism and the good shepherd motif ...ook at how the image of the Good Shepherd came to be connected with the person of Don Bosco and the Salesian charism, and how this connection is relatively new. He then presents an interesting insight on the... 1965 - 2015
Rik Biesmans Assistance. The essence of Don Bosco’s preventive system (1876-1884) – Part 1 ...e young. It was also a new system which was finding widespread approval and recognition outside the Salesian Congregation. Expounding on his theme within the Preventive System, Fr. Biesmans asserts that Don B... 1876 - 1884
Dominic Veliath Encounter of the salesian charism. South Asian context ...The theme of this reflection, entitled: “Encounter of the Salesian Charism: South Asian Context, is self-explanatory. Drawing out its implications, the topic can be a... 1841 - 1971
John Roche Salesian evangelization. At the threshold of the bicentennial of Don Bosco’s birth - Part 2 ...tents: A Grace & Necessity for the Moment: Accompaniment Tasks and Characteristics of a New Salesian Accompaniment Towards a Definition of Spiritual Accompaniment Dimensions of Relationship Pathway... 1975 - 2015
Jose Kuttianimattathil The preventive system and child rights more than a tool for working with children with behavioral difficulties ...The Salesians, who have been applying the Preventive System since the time of their Don Bosco, have understood i... 1850 - 2012
Savio Hon Back to Don Bosco: Da mihi Animas Response of Fr. Savio Hon Don Bosco Hall, Berkeley, Symposium July 20, 2007. ...e sapiential dimension of the motto that has permeated all aspects of the life of Don Bosco and the Salesian Family. Another is to call to mind the inter-cultural aspect which deserves more of our attention n... 2006 - 2007
Arthur Lenti Da Mihi Animas in Don Bosco. Don Bosco's life and work for the "Salvation of Souls" ... Bosco's incessant activity and the pastoral and ascetical program that he wished to hand on to his Salesians. How this driving ideal powered Don Bosco's life and work-that is, his manifold pastoral choices-i... 1884 - 1888
Joseph Boenzi Da Mihi Animas. Cry of the pastoral heart of Francis de Sales ...Don Bosco claimed that the motto Da mihi animas cetera tolle came from Francis de Sales, and we Salesians presume that this was the cherished phrase that the saintly Bishop of Geneva claimed for his own. ... 2005 - 2006
William John Dickson Prevention or repression. The reception of Don Bosco's educational approach in british salesian schools ...e English perception that some aspects of Don Bosco's Preventive System to the eyes of some foreign Salesians the existence of corporal punishment in Salesian schools was a direct contradiction of Don Bosco's... 1790 - 1920
David O'Malley The youth minister as mystic and martyr. Recognizing and supporting religious experience in young people ...usness and Its Implications A Sense of Othemess The Sense of Self The Sense of Reality 3. A Salesian Reflection on Religious Experience Don Bosco and Religious Experience Don Bosco 's Own Religiou... 2005 - 2006
Mary Greenan Accompanying the young: the souls our hearts seek ...respond to these questions and to respond to them within the context of what is at the heart of the Salesian educational relationship: the fiery desire to walk with the young as they journey to that fullness ... 2005 - 2006
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's Oratories in 1849-1852. Conflict, Crisis and Resolution ... Don Bosco's Cenni Storici (Historical Outlines) of 1862 2.4. Don Bosco's Article in the Bolletino Salesiano, September 1877, on the Early Salesian Cooperators 2.5. Comment 3. Critical Phase in the Oratory... 1849 - 1852
Joseph Di Mauro School Leadership Formation in the Salesian Tradition ...n of youth, and missions in foreign lands" (Dufour, 1933/1994, p. 53). Since the 1903 foundation of Salesianum School in Wilmington, Delaware, the Oblates continue to commit themselves to the work of Catholic... 1903 - 1970
Joseph Boenzi Paolo Albera's instructions early efforts to inculcate the Spirit of Don Bosco ...ost significant role before becoming superior general was that of spiritual director general of the Salesian Society, a post he held from 1892 until 1910. During this period he was responsible for the spiritu... 1892 - 1921
Kaoru Tamura Something about Mary. Reflections on Don Bosco, mother Mazzarello and the development of the "Spirit of Mornese" ...ians was founded. However, she seems to have been well prepared for her work with Don Bosco and the Salesians, both in her philosophical formation and her life experiences. How then was a simple woman of peas... 1864 - 1887
John Rasor The salesian brother's spiritual identity ...This study will look at how the Salesian brother's vocation appears in official Salesian writings while Don Bosco was founding the Salesian ... 1853 - 2002
Mary Greenan Salesian mysticism: towards the ectasy of action ...Reflecting on Salesian spirituality brings us to the writings of St. Francis de Sales along with modern spiritual concepts... 1980 - 2003
Joseph Boenzi What is salesian in Don Bosco? be written on why Don Bosco chose Francis de Sales as the patron of his Congregation but What is Salesian in Don Bosco? throws light on the subject.   Contents: Preliminary Remarks Julie Colbe... 1833 - 1876
Charles N. Bransom Sons of Don Bosco, successors of the apostles, salesian bishops ...Charles N. Bransom, Jr. has graciously offered his study of Salesian Bishops for our publication. This study of 196 Salesian bishops stands as a historical record of Sa... 1884 - 2001
Arthur Lenti The life of young Dominic Savio ... the beatification of St. Dominic Savio, Arthur Lenti reflects on Don Bosco's Life of Savio. Modern Salesian youth spirituality traces back to this Life that Don Bosco proposed as a model for young people. ... 1842 - 1857
Michael Mendl New information on the salesians'coming to New York ...dl, in his research has discovered "a long missing letter'' that states Don Bosco's refusal to send Salesians to New York in 1848. This letter completes Michael Mendl 's article in the Journal on founding Sal... 1884 - 1885
Josephine Giorgi St. Luigi Versiglia and Bishop Walsh of Maryknoll ...of Bishop James Walsh of Maryknoll by Raymond Kerri son exemplifies the apostolic spirit of the two Salesian martyrs along with Bishop Walsh's deep esteem for them. ... 1930 - 1931
Arthur Lenti Madonnas for times of trouble ...the new impetus for these forms of devotion to Mary, and to note the impact that these forms had on Salesian life, work, and spirituality. Literature of Salesian origin on the subject is not lacking, and the... 1842 - 1872
Michael Mendl "The zeal of the salesians is just the thing". Founding of the salesian work in New York ...Over one hundred years ago, on November 28, 1898, three Salesians arrived in New York to initiate a Salesian apostolate among the Italian immigrants of that metropo... 1897 - 1911
John Dickson An introduction to Don Rua's letters to England ...the lifetime collaborator and finally, the first successor of St. John Bosco as Rector Major of the Salesian Society (1888-1910). During his Rectorate the Salesians grew from 1030 members in 64 houses to 4420... 1889 - 1909
Francis J. Moloney Salesians beyond 2000 ...the Gospels? How does this significance speak to our reality? to our vocation as Christians, and as Salesians? These are the questions of the middle portion of Fr. Moloney' s reflections. He sums up his pr... 1980 - 1999
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's beatification and canonization ...This article is written by our own Arthur J. Lenti, of the Institute of Salesian Spirituality in Berkeley. The article studies "Don Bosco' s Beatification and Canonization Story: H... 1890 - 1953
Rik Biesmans Aesthetics in Don Bosco's educational system ...tion through recreation, gymnastics and sport. In his essay, he surveys the efforts of the first Salesians to inculcate a sense of beauty and an appreciation for the arts and culture among even the poorest... 1876 - 1884
Mary Greenan Towards intimacy: beyond power games and control needs ... collaboration in a commentary on the recent letter of Fr. Juan Edmundo Vecchi, rector major of the Salesian Society, and Mother Antonia Colombo, superior general of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. ... 1906 - 1998
Nancy J. Bowden Unwrapping the gifts: Francis de Sales, Jane de Chantal and the salesian vision of women ...This article furthers the theme of collaboration between women and men, showing this as central to Salesian history and spirit. Dr. Nancy J. Bowden brings us back to Francis de Sales and Jane-Frances de Chan... 1700
Francis Desramaut Contemporary spirituality of the salesian family ...A noted Salesian scholar and author, Fr. Desramaut has recently undertaken a work of major proportions, a dictionary... 1950 - 1998
Joseph Boenzi Chastity in the salesian constitutions ...In a letter dated May 24, 1966, Fr. Luigi Ricceri (1901-1989), then Rector Major of the Salesian Society, introduced a new edition of the Constitutions to his confreres. Nearly one year had elapse... 1966 - 1984
Arthur Lenti Community and mission. Spiritual insights and salesian religious life in Don Bosco's Constitutions ...o identify and discuss Don Bosco's chief proposals for the religious life and the apostolate of his Salesians (Part II). This latter part of the work will require a fairly close examination of a number of fo... 1858 - 1879
Paul Formosa Historical sketch of the oratory of Don Bosco in Malta island country in the Mediterranean with a distinct tradition and culture from that in which the Salesian story first began and developed in Turin, Italy. I will place special emphasis on the Salesian Orat... 1861 - 1970
John Rasor Early salesian regulations: formation in the Preventive System ...The first part of this study, however, will examine that other body of Salesian particular law, the Regulations. It will trace their development from their earliest beginnings aro... 1850 - 1972
Arthur Lenti Saint with a human face: Don Bosco in Father Giulio Barberis original chronicle ...The Central Salesian Archive contains numerous eyewitness reports of Don Bosco's words and deeds, particularly in the fo... 1847 - 1927
Arthur Lenti The founding and early expansion of the salesian work in the San Francisco area from Archival Documents, Part II ...o my readers' attention this body of original archival material pertaining to the beginnings of the Salesian work in the United States while the celebrations of the centenary of the founding proceed apace tow... 1897 - 1910
Juan Edmundo Vecchi Centennial celebration of the salesian presence in the United States of America. Homily in San Francisco, February 2, 1997 ...ning of our centennial celebration we are gathered together here as a family in the place where the Salesians established their first presence in the United States of America. When we compare our present- day... 1997
John Rasor The concept of Secularity in salesian documents ...This article examines the theological meaning of the term "secularity" in Salesian official documents. It begins with a survey of the meanings of secularity in recent theological dic... 1876 - 1994
Anthony Bailey Salesians and the Internet ...Contents: What is the Internet? The Church and the Internet Religious Orders and the Internet Salesians on the Internet Reasons for Being There The nature of This Presence Recommendations The Cost ... 1989 - 1996

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