Autori Vari,Lucas Van Looy – “Youth pastoral in Africa. Nairobi: May 12-17, 1986” in “Africa Salesiana”

In these Acts we speak of the ‘Africa Project’ initiated by the Salesian Congregation in 1978 out of concern for young Africans and the growth of the Church in Africa. After a few years of this new experience in Africa, it has emerged that we are learning more from Africa than we have been able to give. Young Africans teach the importance of human contact and the value of being present rather than immersed in activities, institutional concerns or efficiency-oriented thinking.

Reference time period: 1986

L. V. Looy, P. Naughton, J. Coleman. et al., “Youth pastoral in Africa. Nairobi: May 12-17, 1986” in “Africa Salesiana“, edited by Lucas Van Looy, Dicastero per le missioni, Rome 1986, 1-111.

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