Nestor C. Impelido – The beginnings of the salesian presence in East Asia. Part one. The salesians of Don Bosco

This document introduces the proceedings of the ACSSA Seminar held in Hong Kong in December 2004, which commemorates the centennial presence of Salesian Work in East Asia. Following the centenary celebration of the Salesians’ arrival in India and preceding the analogous event in Hong Kong/Macao, this seminar aimed to explore the Salesian legacy in East Asia, including China, Korea, the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, East Timor, and Vietnam.

The proceedings encompass approximately fifteen essays, providing an initial overview of the Salesians’ historical foundations in these regions over fifty years. Key themes include the pioneering efforts of Salesian missionaries in adapting and preaching the Good News, despite challenges and perceptions of being aligned with colonial powers. The document highlights significant contributions from notable missionaries, the educational and charitable initiatives undertaken, and the impact on local church establishments and vocations within the Salesian Family. Reflecting on the past century, the seminar emphasizes the importance of documenting and interpreting the Salesian history scientifically to inform future endeavors. It concludes by acknowledging the role of Divine Providence in guiding the Salesian mission and calls for continued scholarly efforts to preserve and analyze this rich historical narrative.


General table of contents

  • Presentation of the collection
  • Introduction
  • Editor’s note
  • Part one – the salesians of Don Bosco (Volume One)
  1. Francesco M otto SDB: “Salesian Missionary Activity While Blessed Philip Rinaldi (1921-1931) Was Rector Major With Particular Reference To Eastern Asia”
  1. Domingos Leo n g SDB: “The Political Situation In China In 1920-1930 And Its Effects on Salesians”
  2. Carlo S o c o l SDB: “The Birth Of The China Province And The Expansion Of Salesian Work In East Asia (1926-1927)”
  3. Gaetano Compri SDB: “The Beginning And The Development Of The Salesian Work In Japan”
  4. Enrico D a n ie li SDB: “The Initium Of The Salesian Presence In Thailand’
  5. Amador Anjos SDB: “The First Salesian Presence In Timor (1927-1929)
  6. Nestor Impelido SDB: “Salesians In The Philippines (1949-1963): Historical Notes”
  7. John N g u y en van T y SDB: “The Beginning Of The Salesian Work In Vietnam. The Patriarchal Story And The Exodus”
  8. Michael C h a n g SDB: “A Concise History Of The Salesian Korean Mission”
  • Part two – the salesian Family (FMA, CSM, SIHM, DQM, DBV) (Volume Two)
  1. Grazia L o p a rco FMA: “The Arrival Of The Daughters Of Mary Help Of Christians In The Far East’
  2. Elena Miravalle FMA: “The Mission Of The Daughters Of Mary Help Of Christians In China”
  3. Marisa Gambato FMA: “The History Of The Mission of the Daughters Of Mary Help Of Christians Inserted In the History of Salvation (1929-1952)”
  4. Ana Rosa Siv o ri FMA: “The Beginning Of The Work Of The Daughters Of Mary Help Of Christians In Thailand. The First Twenty Years (1931-1952)”
  5. Estrella C astalone FMA: “The Daughters Of Mary Help Of Christians In The Philippines”
  6. Maria Mukai Yumiko CSM: “Brief Historical Notes On The Foundation Of The Sisters Of Charity Of Miyazaki*
  7. Maliwan Paramathawirote SIHM: “The Identity Of The Sisters Servants Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary In Thailand”
  8. Anna Saksri Ngamwong DQM: “History Of The Origins Of The Institute Of The Daughters Of The Queenship Of Mary”
  9. Agnes Paulino: “The Don Bosco Volunteers In The Philippines”
  • Appendix
  • Rector Major
  • FMA Vicar general
  • ACSSA President
  • List of participants
  • Program
  • General table of contents

Reference time period: 2006

N. C. Impelido, The beginnings of the salesian presence in East Asia. Part one. The salesians of Don Bosco, Acts of the seminar on salesian history, Hong Kong, 4-6 December 2004, vol. 1, Hong Kong (Varia, 2).

Reference institution:
Associazione Cultori Storia Salesiana (ACSSA)
Associazione Cultori Storia Salesiana (ACSSA)

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