Salesian Youth Ministry Department – Salesian youth ministry animation structures

The animation and coordination of pastoral work are carried out on different levels: local,  provincial, interprovincial and international. In drawing up the pastoral plan which gives details of its intended commitments, the EPC needs to select the necessary means and determine the concrete steps to be taken to avoid going ahead without due, thoughtful consideration. We are  suggesting a practical method for drawing up the SEPP.


  • 1. A structured and well-organised youth ministry
    • 1.1. Planning and implementation of youth ministry
      • Province level structures for government and animation
      • Local level Salesian communities and works
    • 1.2. A special way of carrying out apostolic activity: pastoral animation 
      • Characteristics of Salesian animation
      • Principles and criteria for animating procedures and structures
  • 2. Local animation and coordination 
    • 2.1. A Salesian community as the animating nucleus of a Salesian work 
      • The SDB community
      • The SDB Rector
      • The local community Council
      • The Council of the EPC and/or of the work
      • The local Youth Ministry coordinator and team
      • Other bodies and roles of animation and government in the EPC
    • 2.2. Other animation models for the EPC in Salesian works 
      • Salesian works managed by lay people with a community presence
      • Works managed by lay people as part of the Salesian Province Plan
  • 3. Animation and coordination at province level 
    • 3.1. The Provincial and his Council
    • 3.2. The Province Youth Ministry Delegate and Team 
      • The Youth Ministry Delegate
      • The Province Youth Ministry Team
      • Those responsible at Province level for sectors and settings and their teams
  • 4. Inter-Province animation and coordination 
  • 5. Animation and coordination at world level 
  • 6. Pastoral Planning 
    • 6.1. The different levels of Provincial and local planning 
    • 6.2. Suggestions for determining the types of documents to be prepared 
      • The Salesian Youth Ministry Frame of Reference
      • The Overall Provincial Plan
      • The Salesian Educative and Pastoral Project
      • The different practical expressions of the SEPP
    • 6.3. Guidelines for drawing up and assessing the SEPP 
      • Stages in drawing up the SEPP: a dynamic proposal
      • Fundamental Criteria in the drawing up or revising the SEPP

Reference time period: 2014

Salesian Youth Ministry Department, Salesian Youth Ministry. Frame of reference, III edition, SDB, Roma 2014, 262-301.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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