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Angelo Franco "For the sake of the words", life of Father Andrew Beltrami, Salesian of Don Bosco Omegna is a picturesque village located at the foot of the Italian Alps, on the shores of Lake Orta.... 1858 - 1951
Pietro Braido Gaetano Salvemini e la scuola laica La recente scomparsa di Gaetano Salvemini ci ha sospinti a rimeditare le sue più caratteristiche ide... 1907 - 1957
Autori Vari Il mondo grafico di Don Bosco Il testo descrive le scuole grafiche salesiane e il loro contributo all'istruzione professionale nel... 1850 - 1955
Don Favini "Il patrono dei giovani apprendisti lavoratori" in "Il mondo grafico di Don Bosco" Il testo descrive la vita e l'opera di Don Bosco, un uomo cresciuto in un ambiente umile e che ha af... 1845 - 1955
Giuseppe Maria Pugno "Le scuole grafiche salesiane" in "Il mondo grafico di Don Bosco" Il testo descrive il periodo in cui San Francesco di Sales si offrì a Monsignor Claudio di Granier, ... 1845 - 1955
G. Pellitteri "Didattica professionale secondo l'esperienza salesiana" in "Il mondo grafico di Don Bosco" Il testo descrive i primi passi di Don Bosco nell'organizzazione dei suoi laboratori con l'obiettivo... 1845 - 1955
Michele Molineris "Il Magistero professionale grafico" in "Il mondo grafico di Don Bosco" L'apertura delle Scuole Professionali da parte di Don Bosco portò immediatamente al problema delle m... 1845 - 1955
Joseph Bacchiarello 40 dreams of st. John Bosco. The apostle of the youth The second edition of "Dreams of Don Bosco" is presented to readers ten years after its initial publ... 1815 - 1888
Luigi Ricceri Renewal and holiness - Truly Salesian renewal Summary: "The Lord be with you" Ours is an extraordinary service Our fundamental and special ta... 1971
Luigi Ricceri Communion of spirit - A reasonable demand - Slow but constructive work - Assiduous common research - Premise for Renewal - Chapter documents - Updated Constitutlons - Our commitment - The early Salesians - lntensified prayer - D.M.H.C. Centenary. Summary: Communion of spirit A reasonable demand Slow but constructive work Assiduous common r... 1971
Luigi Ricceri A recall to sanctity - Professionals of holiness - Two modern examples of holiness - Don Bosco's message - Don Rua's reply - "lneffable goodness" - Extraordinary activity - Sensitivity and openness to the problems of his times - The wellspring - «The Pope's priest» - Don Rua's invitation. Summary: A recall to sanctity Professionals of holiness Two modern examples of holiness Don Bo... 1971
Luigi Ricceri From confreres' letters - Attitude of the true son of Don Bosco - The Superiors elected by 20th General Chapter - We are all at the service of the Congregation - Love of the confreres, the first duty of the Superior - To serve the good of the community - Confreres and Superiors in communion - The Superior, creator of unity in the Congregatlon - The divine will, meeting place of Superiors and confreres - Authority and the protection of liberty - Superiors responsible for renewal. Summary: From confreres' letters Attitude of the true son of Don Bosco The Superiors elected by... 1972
Luigi Ricceri Don Rua: the faithful servant - He belonged completely to Don Bosco - Don Rua's message for the seventies. Summary: Don Rua: the faithful servant Belief in Don Bosco's sanctity lf he were at the helm ... 1972
Luigi Ricceri The Missions the way to renewal Summary: Transfer from Turin Reasons for transfer to Rome Audience with Pope With Don Bosco he... 1972
Luigi Ricceri Unity in the Congregation - How decentralization works - Towards a campaign of fidelity Summary: The highway of post-capitular renewal Decentralization and unity in the Congregation to... 1973
Luigi Ricceri A sad loss - The meetings with the Provincials - Missions in Ecuador - ln the homeland of Zeffirino Namuncurá - At the Brothers' Meeting in Quito - Vocations: signs of recovery - Primary formation - Youth with an ideal - The children on the street - With prayor and the Salesian way - Communion-building Summary: A sad loss The meetings with the Provincials Missions in Ecuador ln the homeland of Z... 1974
Luigi Ricceri Don Bosco saw the approval as God's seal Summary: A fruitful celebration 1. Don Bosco saw the approval as God's seal Fidelity to Rule... 1974
Luigi Ricceri Confrères in three continents - «Send us more Salesians!» - Tidings sad and joyous Summary: Confrères in three continents  Send us more Salesians! Tidings sad and joyous. ... 1974
Luigi Ricceri «Work and self-restraint»: the answer to upward social mobility Summary : The dream of Don Bosco Searching questions for the 70's 1. Work and self-restraint, t... 1974
Luigi Ricceri The centenary of Salesian missions Summary: A commemoration not to be scamped   1. A look at the past 2. Characteristics of ... 1975
Innocent Clementi Unless the grain of wheat. Luigi Variara an apostle of the Columbia lepers Father Luigi Variara's life story epitomizes the journey of a devout Catholic from Italy to the remo... 1875 - 1923
Egidio Viganò The ASC as a means of animation Contents: The ASC as a means of animation. Historical background. A new series of the acts begi... 1979
Egidio Viganò Rector Major's trip to Puebla Contents: Puebla provides a strong proclamation of the original nature of the Church's mission, a... 1979
Egidio Viganò Memory of origins Contents: A disquieting challenge. "Strengthen your brothers". Appraising the crisis. Our appr... 1980
Egidio Viganò The centenary of the death of Saint Mary Domenica Mazzarello Contents: "REDISCOVERING THE SPIRIT OF MORNESE" Introduction A new gift of the Spirit to the Ch... 1981
Morand Wirth Don Bosco and the Salesians This book satisfies a real need describing as it does the growth of Don Bosco’s work with historical... 1815 - 1965
Egidio Viganò «Don Bosco, Saint» Contents: Introduction. Don Bosco's canonisation. Our religious consecration. The main qualiti... 1983
Egidio Viganò The Salesian Mission and the Workers'World Contents: Thinking over the journey A call from the southern hemisphere The importance of the w... 1983
Alberto Caviglia Conferences on the Salesian Spirit The text describes the life and achievements of Father Albert Caviglia, a Salesian priest born in Tu... 1930 - 1938
Pietro Stella Don Bosco and the death of Charles This essay, originally published as an appendix to "Don Bosco: Life and Works" by Pietro Stella, exa... 1849
Egidio Viganò Our fidelity to Peter's successor Contents: An opportune invitation. Don Bosco's very concrete "Church sense". A new style of exe... 1985
Egidio Viganò "Don Bosco - 88" Contents: Following Jesus Christ Don Bosco, apostle of the Oratory Prophetic example of his you... 1985
Eugene M. Brown Dreams, Visions & Prophecies of Don Bosco The work discusses the lack of encouragement in contemporary Western Christian society to consider d... 1824 - 1978
Egidio Viganò 1988 - An invitation to renewal of profession Contents: 50 years of salesian life Religious profession and the turning point of the Council T... 1986
Peter Lappin Zatti. A biography This narrative portrays the life of Artemis Zatti, a young man born into a humble family in Italy in... 1880 - 1951
Egidio Viganò From Peking towards 88 Contents: Introduction The Feast of the Assumption at Peking Don Bosco's missionary dreams ... 1987
John Dickson "The origins of the Salesian work in London. A Centenary Lecture" in "Ricerche storiche salesiane" The aim of this article is to examine, first of all, what connections there were between the Oratory... 1887 - 1987
Egidio Viganò "Strive to make yourself loved" Contents: Introduction. A spiritual event. A symbol of our Profession. Don Bosco tells us "Mak... 1888 - 1988
Egidio Viganò The Eucharist in the apostolic spirit of Don Bosco Contents: The most vital theme for measuring our spirit and activity Don Bosco and the Eucharist... 1987 - 1988
Jacques Schepens "Human nature in the educational outlook of St. John Bosco" in "Ricerche storiche salesiane" The present article is offered as a contribution to a deeper understanding of the image of man as pr... 1863 - 1886
Egidio Viganò "The Don Bosco centenary and our renewal" Contents: Introduction A rapid look back over the celebrations The Jubilee Year; enthusiastic... 1989
Egidio Viganò The Pope speaks to us of Don Bosco Contents: Introduction. The pastoral viewpoint. The "holiness" perspective. The Baptismal opti... 1988
Autori Vari Memoirs of the oratory of Saint Francis de Sales, from 1815 to 1855: the autobiography of Saint John Bosco Il testo delinea tre questioni contemporanee e cosa i Salesiani possono imparare da esse attraverso ... 1815 - 1855
John Dickson "Refounding or renewal? A historical case study" in "Ricerche storiche salesiane" What strategies are to be adopted to make religious communities arise from the trough of aging and t... 1841 - 1934
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's Boswell: John Baptist Lemoyne-the man and his work Part I will present a biographical sketch of the man; Part II will deal with the sources and the edi... 1839 - 1916
Michael Ribotta 'The road not taken"--The Salesians' circuitous road to North America In the fall of 1870, for reasons that have never been documented, Don Bosco did not answer Archbisho... 1850 - 1884
Arthur Lenti The earliest biographies of Don Bosco and their english translations Therefore, all early biography on Don Bosco, including Fr. Lemoyne's and his successors', should be ... 1881 - 1924
Michael Ribotta Don Bosco's battle against illiteracy in this article M. Ribotta explains Don Bosco's commitment to promoting education in Turin. ... 1844 - 1923
John Itzaina "My Charitable Mademoiselle" Eugenio Valentini, SDB, in his "Presentazione" to the Fourth Volume of the Epistolario de S. Giovann... 1832 - 1885
William John Dickson "The dynamics of growth. The foundation and development of the salesians in England" What follows is an attempt to write a history of the foundation and development of the Salesians in ... 1889 - 1940

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