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Pietro Braido Gaetano Salvemini e la scuola laica La recente scomparsa di Gaetano Salvemini ci ha sospinti a rimeditare le sue più caratteristiche ide... 1907 - 1957
Luigi Ricceri A recall to sanctity - Professionals of holiness - Two modern examples of holiness - Don Bosco's message - Don Rua's reply - "lneffable goodness" - Extraordinary activity - Sensitivity and openness to the problems of his times - The wellspring - «The Pope's priest» - Don Rua's invitation. Summary: A recall to sanctity Professionals of holiness Two modern examples of holiness Don Bo... 1971
Luigi Ricceri Renewal and holiness - Truly Salesian renewal Summary: "The Lord be with you" Ours is an extraordinary service Our fundamental and special ta... 1971
Luigi Ricceri Communion of spirit - A reasonable demand - Slow but constructive work - Assiduous common research - Premise for Renewal - Chapter documents - Updated Constitutlons - Our commitment - The early Salesians - lntensified prayer - D.M.H.C. Centenary. Summary: Communion of spirit A reasonable demand Slow but constructive work Assiduous common r... 1971
Luigi Ricceri The Missions the way to renewal Summary: Transfer from Turin Reasons for transfer to Rome Audience with Pope With Don Bosco he... 1972
Luigi Ricceri From confreres' letters - Attitude of the true son of Don Bosco - The Superiors elected by 20th General Chapter - We are all at the service of the Congregation - Love of the confreres, the first duty of the Superior - To serve the good of the community - Confreres and Superiors in communion - The Superior, creator of unity in the Congregatlon - The divine will, meeting place of Superiors and confreres - Authority and the protection of liberty - Superiors responsible for renewal. Summary: From confreres' letters Attitude of the true son of Don Bosco The Superiors elected by... 1972
Luigi Ricceri Don Rua: the faithful servant - He belonged completely to Don Bosco - Don Rua's message for the seventies. Summary: Don Rua: the faithful servant Belief in Don Bosco's sanctity lf he were at the helm ... 1972
Luigi Ricceri Unity in the Congregation - How decentralization works - Towards a campaign of fidelity Summary: The highway of post-capitular renewal Decentralization and unity in the Congregation to... 1973
Luigi Ricceri «Work and self-restraint»: the answer to upward social mobility Summary : The dream of Don Bosco Searching questions for the 70's 1. Work and self-restraint, t... 1974
Luigi Ricceri A sad loss - The meetings with the Provincials - Missions in Ecuador - ln the homeland of Zeffirino Namuncurá - At the Brothers' Meeting in Quito - Vocations: signs of recovery - Primary formation - Youth with an ideal - The children on the street - With prayor and the Salesian way - Communion-building Summary: A sad loss The meetings with the Provincials Missions in Ecuador ln the homeland of Z... 1974
Luigi Ricceri Don Bosco saw the approval as God's seal Summary: A fruitful celebration 1. Don Bosco saw the approval as God's seal Fidelity to Rule... 1974
Luigi Ricceri Confrères in three continents - «Send us more Salesians!» - Tidings sad and joyous Summary: Confrères in three continents  Send us more Salesians! Tidings sad and joyous. ... 1974
Luigi Ricceri The centenary of Salesian missions Summary: A commemoration not to be scamped   1. A look at the past 2. Characteristics of ... 1975
Egidio Viganò The ASC as a means of animation Contents: The ASC as a means of animation. Historical background. A new series of the acts begi... 1979
Egidio Viganò Rector Major's trip to Puebla Contents: Puebla provides a strong proclamation of the original nature of the Church's mission, a... 1979
Egidio Viganò Memory of origins Contents: A disquieting challenge. "Strengthen your brothers". Appraising the crisis. Our appr... 1980
Egidio Viganò The centenary of the death of Saint Mary Domenica Mazzarello Contents: "REDISCOVERING THE SPIRIT OF MORNESE" Introduction A new gift of the Spirit to the Ch... 1981
Morand Wirth Don Bosco and the Salesians This book satisfies a real need describing as it does the growth of Don Bosco’s work with historical... 1815 - 1965
Egidio Viganò «Don Bosco, Saint» Contents: Introduction. Don Bosco's canonisation. Our religious consecration. The main qualiti... 1983
Egidio Viganò The Salesian Mission and the Workers'World Contents: Thinking over the journey A call from the southern hemisphere The importance of the w... 1983
Egidio Viganò Our fidelity to Peter's successor Contents: An opportune invitation. Don Bosco's very concrete "Church sense". A new style of exe... 1985
Egidio Viganò "Don Bosco - 88" Contents: Following Jesus Christ Don Bosco, apostle of the Oratory Prophetic example of his you... 1985
Egidio Viganò 1988 - An invitation to renewal of profession Contents: 50 years of salesian life Religious profession and the turning point of the Council T... 1986
Egidio Viganò From Peking towards 88 Contents: Introduction The Feast of the Assumption at Peking Don Bosco's missionary dreams ... 1987
John Dickson The origins of the Salesian work in London. A Centenary Lecture The aim of this article is to examine, first of all, what connections there were between the Oratory... 1887 - 1987
Egidio Viganò "Strive to make yourself loved" Contents: Introduction. A spiritual event. A symbol of our Profession. Don Bosco tells us "Mak... 1888 - 1988
Egidio Viganò The Eucharist in the apostolic spirit of Don Bosco Contents: The most vital theme for measuring our spirit and activity Don Bosco and the Eucharist... 1987 - 1988
Jacques Schepens Human nature in the educational outlook of St. John Bosco The present article is offered as a contribution to a deeper understanding of the image of man as pr... 1863 - 1886
Egidio Viganò "The Don Bosco centenary and our renewal" Contents: Introduction A rapid look back over the celebrations The Jubilee Year; enthusiastic... 1989
Egidio Viganò The Pope speaks to us of Don Bosco Contents: Introduction. The pastoral viewpoint. The "holiness" perspective. The Baptismal opti... 1988
John Dickson Refounding or renewal? A historical case study What strategies are to be adopted to make religious communities arise from the trough of aging and t... 1841 - 1934
Michael Ribotta Don Bosco's battle against illiteracy in this article M. Ribotta explains Don Bosco's commitment to promoting education in Turin. ... 1844 - 1923
Arthur Lenti The earliest biographies of Don Bosco and their english translations Therefore, all early biography on Don Bosco, including Fr. Lemoyne's and his successors', should be ... 1881 - 1924
John Itzaina "My Charitable Mademoiselle" Eugenio Valentini, SDB, in his "Presentazione" to the Fourth Volume of the Epistolario de S. Giovann... 1832 - 1885
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's Boswell: John Baptist Lemoyne-the man and his work Part I will present a biographical sketch of the man; Part II will deal with the sources and the edi... 1839 - 1916
Michael Ribotta 'The road not taken"--The Salesians' circuitous road to North America In the fall of 1870, for reasons that have never been documented, Don Bosco did not answer Archbisho... 1850 - 1884
William John Dickson "The dynamics of growth. The foundation and development of the salesians in England" What follows is an attempt to write a history of the foundation and development of the Salesians in ... 1889 - 1940
Michael Ribotta The day they shut down the oratory school On June 30, 1879, after numerous attempts to stave off the inevitable, Don Bosco was finally compell... 1855 - 1879
Richard Wanner Don Bosco's gift to the Church: a spirituality for youth St. John Bosco (1815-1888) was a product of Piedmont in northern Italy. His seventy-two years spanne... 1815 - 1888
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's vocation - mission dreams Don Bosco's vocation dreams hold an important place in Don Bosco's vocational development and in the... 1824 - 1884
Michael Mendl St. John Bosco's dealings with the Cavour family In carrying out his humble apostolate on behalf of poor and abandoned boys, Saint John Bosco (1815-1... 1814 - 1866
Arthur Lenti "The most wonderful day of my life"-The sesquicentennial of Don Bosco' s ordination remembered This paper will survey that period in Don Bosco's life that saw him ordained a priest. It will not b... 1841 - 1991
Michael Ribotta Don Bosco's venture into popular education-The Gentleman's Almanac When New Year's Day dawned in Turin in 1854, the subscribers to Don Bosco's Catholic Readings (Lettu... 1854 - 1879
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's missionary dreams (Part I) Because of the vastness of the subject and of the amount of material involved, this essay will be pr... 1871 - 1885
Michael Ribotta Peter Enria Remembers Included in the copious documentation that comprises the chronicles and annals of the early history ... 1841 - 1898
Philip J. Pascucci Once upon a time in old New York During the years following the late nineteenth and early twentieth century the Italian immigrant mad... 1842 - 1954
Peter Rinaldi Blessed Philip Rinaldi as I knew him Father Philip Rinaldi was my granduncle on myfather's side. For us youngsters he was the tall, smili... 1856 - 1931
Arthur Lenti The Convitto Ecclesiastico - "Where one learnt to be a priest" Don Bosco then goes on to describe the nature and purpose of the Convitto. It was a kind of ' finish... 1814 - 1882
Michael Ribotta Hero or villain: Don Bosco as seen in the press of his time One spring day in 1860 Don Bosco was startled by a newsvendor's cry. "Read all about it! Don Bosco i... 1848 - 1888
Jack Ayers The "Salesianity" that wins all hearts The reader may be surprised to learn that at the first canonical assembly of Salesians, Don Bosco wa... 1835 - 1877

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