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Giovanni Bosco Personal letters to Salesians and Daughters of Mary Help of christians ...on, constantly keeping their hearts leaning to God and charity. The holy founder, writing to his Salesians, highlights the primacy of charity. He encourages zeal for souls and the good of their neighbour. H... 1863 - 1884
Rik Biesmans Aesthetics in Don Bosco's educational system ...tion through recreation, gymnastics and sport. In his essay, he surveys the efforts of the first Salesians to inculcate a sense of beauty and an appreciation for the arts and culture among even the poorest ... 1876 - 1884
Rik Biesmans The Magna Carta of the Salesian Educational System, vol. 1 ... been constructed. This section of the larger chapter, a sort of circular letter, was meant for the Salesians in Valdocco. The longer third chapter consists of the discussion of the content of the “circular l... 1880 - 1884
Rik Biesmans The Magna Carta of the Salesian Educational System, vol. 2 ... medal or the boys’ collaboration in the educational process Section 7. The ‘extended text for the Salesians’ and the letter to the boys as attempts to eliminate and overcome major shortcomings in the practic... 1880 - 1884
Giovanni Bosco National and international geographic expansion of salesian work ...ith them and also ask them for financial assistance and protection, given the broad activity of the Salesians in looking after Italian immigrants (no. 27); he founded houses in France at the time of the Third ... 1863 - 1883
Giovanni Bosco Difficult relationships with the Archbishop of Turin ...collaboration in publishing the Catholic Readings, his preaching to the boys at Valdocco and to the Salesians, his lessons in theology to the latter group, and his generous offerings for the church of Mary Hel... 1871 - 1882
Giovanni Bosco Formation of the Salesians through conferences and dream accounts ask for generous and determined commitment. The reader can see that the dreams addressed to the Salesians (nos. 263-265), compared with those to the boys, along with their instructive and symbolic function... 1858 - 1881
Arthur Lenti Community and mission. Spiritual insights and salesian religious life in Don Bosco's Constitutions ...o identify and discuss Don Bosco's chief proposals for the religious life and the apostolate of his Salesians (Part II). This latter part of the work will require a fairly close examination of a number of fou... 1858 - 1879
Giovanni Bosco Pedagogical and didactic principles and disciplinary matters (1846-1879 ... place for boys in Rome, Don Bosco was interested; he pointed out however that in houses run by the Salesians “we use a very special disciplinary system called preventive, where we do not use punishments or th... 1846 - 1879
Giovanni Bosco The Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of christians ...aded Don Bosco from running the same risk for the women’s Institute. He simply aggregated it to the Salesians, a rather rare thing, and this did not escape the attention of pontifical authorities in his 1879 R... 1871 - 1878
Giovanni Bosco Prevention and education (1877-1878): The Preventive System in the Education of the Young ...ion of the young (1877) is one of the most important and widespread documents by the founder of the Salesians and the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. It is the first more or less complete account—despite... 1877 - 1878
Giovanni Bosco Spiritual formation of the young through preaching, “goodnights” and dream accounts ...ges in particular (nos. 212, 215, 221, 222). The conference on March 19, 1876 (no. 12)—reserved for Salesians but open for any boys who were interested—effectively represents the way Don Bosco was able to pres... 1858 - 1878
Giovanni Bosco Cooperators in the salesian mission ... Sola, the saint said that the work was only set up because of the fruitful cooperation between the Salesians and the Cooperators. Then, pointing out the principal purpose of the Institution (“the good of huma... 1877 - 1878
Jack Ayers The "Salesianity" that wins all hearts ...The reader may be surprised to learn that at the first canonical assembly of Salesians, Don Bosco was equating fidelity to our Society with the broad road of "Salesianity" mapped out in ... 1835 - 1877
Giovanni Bosco Recourse to public charity ... always kept individual ownership of movable and immovable property in his hands or with individual Salesians and was reluctant to establish any legally recognised moral entity. And rightly so given that legis... 1847 - 1876
Giovanni Bosco Sources prior to the first missionary expedition ...ishop of Buenos Aires and his Vicar General, Don Bosco put forward a proposal to the latter to send Salesians for two foundations one in the capital and one at San Nicolás de los Arroyos. He assured him that h... 1874 - 1875
Nancy J. Bowden Unwrapping the gifts: Francis de Sales, Jane de Chantal and the salesian vision of women ..., of spiritual direction, of leadership in Christian community through the experience of the first "Salesians" in Annecy at the beginning of the 17th Century. We see both Francis and Jane as growing in their u... 1700

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