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Lewis S. Fiorelli Salesian understanding of christian anthropology After some introductory remarks establishing the linkage between the reality of God as trinity and t... 1700
Wallace Leon Cornell Don Bosco: Spiritual Director of Young People [An Anthology] If, on reading the title of this book, you are expecting to find an exposition on how to give spirit... 1847 - 1875
Peter Gonsalves Don Bosco’s “Expressive System”. An alternative perspective for a communication age Don Bosco called his pedagogical experience the “preventive system” in his effort to identify his ed... 1817 - 1978
Mara Borsi Sistema preventivo e resilienza. Un possibile e fecondo dialogo L’articolo tenta di mostrare quali siano le possibilità di dialogo tra il sistema preventivo e la me... 1999 - 2011
Peter Gonsalves Johnny Bosco’s communication competence. A theory-guided study of Don Bosco’s autobiographical anecdotes: 1825-1835 Based on the premise that the effectiveness of educators is intrinsically linked to their competence... 1825 - 1835
Terence McGoldrick The Ascent of Marriage as Vocation and Sacrament. Francis de Sales’ Christian Humanist Theology of Marriage. A New and Old Vision between Two Competing Traditions on the Highest Vocation from the Apostolic Church to Erasmus. This article explores two traditions on Marriage from the New Testament to Francis de Sales. It s... 1700 - 2015
Jose Kuruvachira History of the Inculturation of Don Bosco’s Charism in India: 1906-1956 The article discusses the history of the inculturation of Don Bosco’s Charism in India in the first ... 1906 - 1956
Francesco Motto Start afresh from Don Bosco. Meditations for a Spiritual Retreat And so the main object of our reflections will be the figure of Don Bosco, a figure we shall try to ... 1815 - 2006
Michal Vojtáš Reviving Don Bosco’s oratory. Salesian Youth Ministry, leadership and innovative project management The “Salesians of Don Bosco” (SDB) are the largest Catholic religious order with a primary focus on ... 1965 - 2014
Michal Vojtáš Salesian pedagogy of choice and vocation: evolution, revision and proposals This article approaches the theme of Salesian pedagogy of life choice and vocation on three levels o... 1963 - 2018
Michal Vojtáš The art of Salesian encounter, accompaniment and discernment The best concrete form of the Salesian approach to education is the educative history of Don Bosco. ... 1841 - 1877
Teresita Padron How christian living education and salesian youth movement in all their educative settings lead young people to a life choice This experience started in Philippines in the religious group life of the young people in all educat... 2018
Francine Guilmette Duc in Altum After World Youth Day 2002 (Toronto, Canada), the 3rd Continental Vocation Congress for Vocations in... 2018
Kamil Bagin, Katarina Bagin Family Garden, counselling Centre for families The Family Garden is a counseling Centre for families, located in Bratislava, Slovakia, staffed by l... 2018
Ángel Fernández Artime Entrust, have trust and smile! Letter on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Association of Mary Help of Christians (ADMA) - 18 april 1869 Contents: 1. ANCHORED IN THE EUCHARIST AND IN MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS 1.1. In the footsteps of... 2019
Ángel Fernández Artime «So that my joy may be in you, (Jn 15,11). Holinesss for you too Contents: Introduction l. GOD CALLS EVERYONE TO HOLINESS "Becoming a saint" is the first and ... 2019
Ángel Fernández Artime Following a path of fidelity. A greeting as GC28 fast approaches Contents: 1. THE 'HOUR" OF THE GC28 AND YOUNG PEOPLE 2. HOW IS OUR CONGREGATION GETTING ON? ... 2018
Ángel Fernández Artime What kind of Salesians for the youth of today? Letter convoking the 28th General Chapter Contents: 1. CONVOCATION OF THE GC 28 1.1. The choice of theme 1.2. Other tasks ... 2018
Ángel Fernández Artime "Lord, give me this water" (John 4:15). Let us cultivate the art of listening and of accompaniment Contents: Presentation I. AN ENCOUNTER THAT DOES NOT LEAVE INDIFFERENT: "Listening" A Form of... 2018
Ángel Fernández Artime "100 Years for God and for the World". Letter of the Rector Major to the Volunteers of Don Bosco on the Centenary of the Foundation of the Institute Contents: 1. A LOOK AT THE ORIGINS 2. AROUSED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT IN THE NOVELTY OF CONSECRATED S... 2017
Ángel Fernández Artime We are family! Every home, a school of life and love Contents: 1. THE THEME OF THE STRENNA 2. AN INVITATION TO A CALM AND QUIET READING OF THE APOSTO... 2017
Ángel Fernández Artime Merciful like the Father. Jubilee Year Salesian Letter Contents: 1. THE EXTRAORDINARY JUBILEE OF MERCY 2. MERCY: THE KEY WORD OF THE PONTIFICATE OF POP... 2016
Ángel Fernández Artime With Jesus let us journey together in an adventure of the Spirit! Contents: 1. GREETINGS AND A WORD OF EXPLANATION 2. WITH JESUS! 3. LET US JOURNEY TOGETHE... 2016
Julia Arciniegas Alvares Bibliografia sull’Istituto delle Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice La presente bibliografia intende far conoscere ad un più vasto pubblico il contributo di riflessione... 1872 - 2017
Ángel Fernández Artime "So that they may have life and have it to the full" (John 10,10). Five fruits of the bicentenary Contents: 1. A YEAR OF GRACE WITH SO MANY FRUITS 2. BECAUSE, ALMOST WITHOUT REALISING IT, THE CO... 2015
Ángel Fernández Artime Like Don Bosco, with the young, for the young! Bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco Contents: 1. A beautiful spiritual inheritance 2. The Strenna, an expresston of unity for the wh... 2015
Ángel Fernández Artime "Belonging more to God more to the confreres, more to the young" Contents: 1. In the steps of my predecessors 2. A present time to belived in faith, with hope, w... 2014
Pascual Chavez Villanueva «Da mihi animas, cetera tolle». Let us draw upon the spiritual experience of Don Bosco, in order to walk in holiness according to our specific vocation. «The glory of God and the salvation of souls». Third year of preparation for the Bicentenary of his birth Contents: Premise: A reflection on the inescapable task of evangelisation, in reference to the Ap... 2014
Pascual Chavez Villanueva Vocation and formation: gift and task Contents: 1. VOCATIONAL CONSISTENCY AND FIDELITY, CHALLENGES FOR VOCATION 1.1 Motivations 1.2... 2013
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Like Don Bosco the educator, we offer young people the Gospel of joy through a pedagogy of kindness". Second year of preparation for the Bicentenary of his birth Contents: Premise: The Synod on "new evangelisation for the transmission of the faith" Reflectio... 2013
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Witnesses to the radical approach of the Gospel". Called to live in fidelity Don Bosco’s apostolic project. “Work and temperance” Contents: 1. CONVOCATION OF THE GC27 1.1 The steps taken in deciding on the theme 1.2 Fundame... 2012
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Let us make the young our life's mission by coming to know and imitate Don Bosco". First year of preparation for the Bicentenary of his birth Contents: PREMISE: Some significant events in the second half of 2011 Commentary on the Strenna ... 2012
Pascual Chavez Villanueva Inculturation of the salesian charism. "So though I am not a slave of any man I have made myself the slave of everyone so as to win as many as I could" (1Cor 9,19) Contents: 1. "The Law of all evangelisation" 2. Changing cultural paradigms Globalisa... 2011
Pascual Chavez Villanueva Spirituality and mission. Disciples and apostles of the Risen Lord Contents: Starting point 1. Paschal origin of the mission 2. The existential dynamism of the mi... 2011
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Come and see" (Jn 1,39). The need for vocation ministry Contents: Premiss: Some significant events in the second half of 2010 Commentary on the Strenna ... 2011
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "I am the vine, you the branches" (Jn 15,5a). The vocation to remain always united to Jesus to have life Contents: THE HORROR OF PEDOPHILIA SOME DATA IN THE LIGHT OF THE GOSPEL "WHAT MUST WE DO... 2010
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "And he took pity on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd, and he set himself to teach them at some length" (Mk 6,34). SALESIAN YOUTH MINISTRY Contents: 1. THE JOURNEY OF THE CONGREGATION IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF SALESIAN YOUTH MlNISTRY AFTER ... 2010
Pascual Chavez Villanueva Bringing the Gospel to the young Contents: Premiss: Some significant events in the second half of 2009 Commentary on the STRENNA ... 2010
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Successor of Don Bosco: son, disciple, apostle". The human and spiritual profile of blessed Michael Rua. On the hundredth anniversary of his death Contents: 1. Don Rua "the most faithful son of Don Bosco" The six mysterious word which keep c... 2009
Pascual Chavez Villanueva «He summoned those He wanted and they came to Him» (Mk 3,13). On the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Salesian Congregation Contents: 1. “AN ACT OF GREAT SIGNIFICANCE” 1.1. A start is made in the name of Our Lady 1.2 ... 2009
Pascual Chavez Villanueva A Project at the service of charismatic identity and of apostolic passion Contents: What is specific and essential in the Project Structure of the Project A Projec... 2008
Pascual Chavez Villanueva Let us educate with the heart of Don Bosco Contents: 1 . Educating with Don Bosco's heart 1.1 Vocation and the way to holiness 1.2 Preve... 2008
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full" (Jn 10, 10b). Presentation of the Africa-Madagascar Region Contents: The Africa-Madagascar Region 1. Africa-Madagascar today 1.1. Salesians in the Conti... 2007
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me" (1Cor 11,24). Making the Eucharist in order to become Eucharist Contents: 1. 'MAKING THE EUCHARIST' TODAY 1.1 The Eucharist in the recent life of the Church ... 2007
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "You are the salt of the earth... you are the light of the world" (Mt 5,13-14) Presentation of the East Asia - Oceania Region Contents: 1. Brief general presentation of the Region Social situation Cultural context Pres... 2007
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "You love everything that exists, and nothing that you have made disgusts you... Lord lover of life" (Wisdom 11, 24. 12, 11) Contents: The World Congress of Salesian Cooperators The Seminar "Europe Mission Territory" The... 2007
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "We've been waiting for you. We've been waiting for you so long. Now at last you're here. You're among us and you won't get away from us!" (MB XVIII,50). PRESENTATION OF THE REGION OF SOUTH ASIA Contents: Introduction 1. A great dream fulfilled 2. The Region of South Asia.The political, so... 2006
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Da mihi animas, cetera tolle". Charismatic identity and apostolic zeal. Starting again from Don Bosco to reawaken the heart of every Salesian Contents: 1. CONVOCATION OF THE GC26 1.1 Reasons for choice of the theme 1.2 Steps that led t... 2006
Pascual Chavez Villanueva “You who seek the Lord; look to the rock from which you were hewn” (Is 51,1). Presentation of the Interamerica Region Contents: INTRODUCTION 1. STRUCTURE AND HISTORY OF THE REGION Andean Zone Ecuador Colom... 2006
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "And Jesus increased in wisdom and in years and in favour with God and man" (Lk 2,52) Contents: An unlorgeltable experience THE STRENNA for 2006 1. Dangers and threats facing the fa... 2006

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