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Salesian Youth Ministry Department Salesian youth ministry animation structures The animation and coordination of pastoral work are carried out on different levels: local,  provinc... 2014
Salesian Youth Ministry Department Activities and works of salesian youth ministry We propose some reflections on the most important features of the works and services in which one ca... 2014
Salesian Youth Ministry Department Salesian educative and pastoral project: operational tool We believe in education and we challenge ourselves to plan our procedures in its regard; youth minis... 2014
Salesian Youth Ministry Department Educative and pastoral community: make the house a family for the young Salesian Youth Ministry requires agreement of purpose and conviction on the part of all those involv... 2014
Salesian Youth Ministry Department The preventive system: a spiritual and educational experience Don Bosco’s God-given vocation for the mission of salvation of the young, especially the  poorest, i... 2014
Salesian Youth Ministry Department Evangelising and educating: our apostolic identity Fullness of life and the happiness of human beings is the ultimate purpose of the plan of God. The G... 2014
Salesian Youth Ministry Department From Christ the evangeliser to the evangelising church An updated presentation of Salesian Youth Ministry requires refl ection not only of a charismatic ty... 2014
Vivien Meli Meli L’intervista durante il congresso “Giovani e scelte di vita: prospettive educative” [embed][/embed] L’intervista al prof. Vivien Meli Meli – Université de ... 2018
Salesian Youth Ministry Department Inhabiting the life and culture of today's young people The firs chapter is of an inspirational nature. As well as giving youth ministry a positive slant on... 2014
John Dickson "Prevention or repression. The reception of Don Bosco’s educational approach in English Salesian schools", in "L’educazione salesiana dal 1880 al 1922. Istanze ed attuazioni in diversi contesti Volume I" The question that this paper seeks to explore is to what extent Don Bosco’s educational approach was... 1702 - 1980
Bogdan Stańkowski Giovanni Bosco and young people in the master-apprentice relationship perspective. Upbringing implications in view of work with socially-maladjusted youth It is difficult to perceive the teacher-student relation as a master-apprentice one in the contempor... 2015
Thomas Koshy The relevance of Don Bosco’s preventive system of education in the context of the young at risk in India On 25th January 2015, Don Bosco Navajeevan (A home for street children/Young at Risk) in Hyderabad r... 2015
Joseph Boenzi Reconstructing Don Albera's Reading List In qualità di Direttore Spirituale Generale, tra il 1892 e il 1910, don Paolo Albera doveva orientar... 1892 - 1910
Stanislaus Swamikannu A society in transition! A culture gone awry! A religion turned virtual! A human being in the making! All processes! – Not a doom but a creative challenge for the future The apocalyptic sounding phrases ‘The end of m... 2015
Bernard F. Grogan Dominic Savio and England: another hypothesis Prompted by the visit of the Holy Father and the Beatification of Cardinal Newman in England in Sept... 1833 - 1859
Bernard F. Grogan Novices in the history of the GBR Salesian Province This note is an attempt to provide the conclusions of an extensive statistical survey covering the l... 1857 - 2008
Carlo Socol Don Bosco’s missionary call and China Nel 1886, nel Testamento Spirituale, don Bosco annotava quella che molti considerano la sua “profezi... 1875 - 1900
Kamila Novosedlikova Brief history of FMA institute in Slovakia La breve storia dell’Istituto delle FMA nella Slovacchia è strettamente legata a quella della Societ... 1921 - 1989
Nestor Impelido The Salesians in the Philippines (1951-1963) “Dove la nostra opera vi era nata… già adulta” This is a study on the beginnings of the Salesians in the Philippines. It covers the years from the ... 1951 - 1963
Bogdan Kolar In the footsteps of the teacher the Salesians 100 years in Slovenia (1901-2001) The 100 years existence of salesian work in Slovenia are summarized by the same author whose recent ... 1901 - 2001
Philip J. Pascucci A brief account of the parish salesian ministry in Ybor City and West Tampa (Florida-Usa): 1926-1935 After providing a brief history of the American towns of Ybor and Tampa and of the local church comm... 1926 - 1935
Edna Mary Mac Donald Maria Domenica Mazzarello and the question of literacy Maria Mazzarello mother’s ability to read forms one of the key means of her own human, christian and... 1837 - 1881
Michael Mendl Salesian Beginnings in New York. The extraordinary visitation of Father Paolo Albera in march 1903 Fr. Paolo Albera concluded his extraordinary visitation of the Americas (September 1900 to March 190... 1903
Michael Mendl Personnel of the New Rochelle province: increase and decrease (1946-1988) The years following World War II saw a great rise in the number of ecclesiastical vocations in North... 1946 - 1988
John Dickson Refounding or renewal? A historical case study What strategies are to be adopted to make religious communities arise from the trough of aging and t... 1841 - 1934
Jacques Schepens Human nature in the educational outlook of St. John Bosco The present article is offered as a contribution to a deeper understanding of the image of man as pr... 1863 - 1886
John Dickson The origins of the Salesian work in London. A Centenary Lecture The aim of this article is to examine, first of all, what connections there were between the Oratory... 1887 - 1987

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