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Pietro Ricaldone Oratorio Festivo, Catechismo, Formazione Religiosa All'Imprimatur, richiesto dal canone 1385 del Codice di Diritto Canonico e che Noi siamo lieti di da... 1825 - 1935
Ángel Fernández Artime "100 Years for God and for the World". Letter of the Rector Major to the Volunteers of Don Bosco on the Centenary of the Foundation of the Institute Contents: 1. A LOOK AT THE ORIGINS 2. AROUSED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT IN THE NOVELTY OF CONSECRATED S... 2017
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "And he took pity on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd, and he set himself to teach them at some length" (Mk 6,34). SALESIAN YOUTH MINISTRY Contents: 1. THE JOURNEY OF THE CONGREGATION IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF SALESIAN YOUTH MlNISTRY AFTER ... 2010
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "And Jesus increased in wisdom and in years and in favour with God and man" (Lk 2,52) Contents: An unlorgeltable experience THE STRENNA for 2006 1. Dangers and threats facing the fa... 2006
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "And preach as you go, saying 'the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand', (Mt 10,7) Presentation of the America South-Cone Region Contents: 1. CULTURAL, SOCIAL AND RELIGIOUS SITUATION ATTHE PRESENT DAY 2. THE BEGINNINGS OF SAL... 2005
Maria Fe Nuñez Muñoz, Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Appendix" in "The beginning of the Salesian presence in east Asia". The following extract is the Appendix written by Rector Major Pascual Chavez Villanueva  and Sr. Mar... 2004
Egidio Viganò "Be on the watch with your robes hitched up and your lamps alight" Contents: "Religious life and discipline" Aversion to the concept of "discipline" Spiritual sig... 1994
Ángel Fernández Artime "Belonging more to God more to the confreres, more to the young" Contents: 1. In the steps of my predecessors 2. A present time to belived in faith, with hope, w... 2014
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "But who do you say that I am?" (Mk 8,28). Looking at Christ through the eyes of Don Bosco Contents: 1. Contemplating Jesus Christ from a salesian standpoint 2. Jesus Christ in the life o... 2004
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Come and see" (Jn 1,39). The need for vocation ministry Contents: Premiss: Some significant events in the second half of 2010 Commentary on the Strenna ... 2011
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Come over to Macedonia and help us" (Acts 16,9). Presentation of the Northern European Region Contents: 1. "Come over to Macedonia and help us" (Acts 16,9) 2. Beginnings of Salesian work in ... 2005
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Da mihi animas, cetera tolle". Charismatic identity and apostolic zeal. Starting again from Don Bosco to reawaken the heart of every Salesian Contents: 1. CONVOCATION OF THE GC26 1.1 Reasons for choice of the theme 1.2 Steps that led t... 2006
Egidio Viganò "Don Bosco - 88" Contents: Following Jesus Christ Don Bosco, apostle of the Oratory Prophetic example of his you... 1985
Juan Edmundo Vecchi "Experts, Witnesses and Craftsmen of Communion". The salesian community - animating nucleus Contents: Introduction I. A new phase in our community life 1. Strong expectations 2. Animat... 1998
Juan Edmundo Vecchi "For you I study..." (C 14). Satisfactory preparation of the confreres and the quality of our educative work Contents: 1. A theme which crops up repeatedly 2. "For you I study": an indispensable element of... 1997
Juan Edmundo Vecchi "He had compassion on them" (Mk 6,34). New forms of poverty, salesian mission, effectiveness Contents: The new scenario of our educative commitment An option of the Church Our process of r... 1997
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "I am the vine, you the branches" (Jn 15,5a). The vocation to remain always united to Jesus to have life Contents: THE HORROR OF PEDOPHILIA SOME DATA IN THE LIGHT OF THE GOSPEL "WHAT MUST WE DO... 2010
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "I give thanks to God each time I remember You" (Phil 1,3). Presentation of the Western European Region Contents: Don Bosco in France, Spain, Portugal and Southern Belgium The beginnings, a successful... 2004
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full" (Jn 10, 10b). Presentation of the Africa-Madagascar Region Contents: The Africa-Madagascar Region 1. Africa-Madagascar today 1.1. Salesians in the Conti... 2007
Juan Edmundo Vecchi "I have come to do your will". Our obedience: a sign and prophecy Contents: Let us talk about it again 1. The First and radical Beatitude 2. Value of religious o... 2001
Juan Edmundo Vecchi "Il Padre ci consegna e ci invia" Indice: Una vita consacrata Un invito pressante Una parola chiave L’esperienza gioiosa di un... 1998
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Let us make the young our life's mission by coming to know and imitate Don Bosco". First year of preparation for the Bicentenary of his birth Contents: PREMISE: Some significant events in the second half of 2011 Commentary on the Strenna ... 2012
Giovanni Paolo II "Lettera «Iuvenum Patris» di Giovanni Paolo II" in "Padre e Maestro dei giovani". La diletta Società Salesiana si prepara a ricordare con opportune iniziative il 1° centenario della ... 1841 - 1988
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Like Don Bosco the educator, we offer young people the Gospel of joy through a pedagogy of kindness". Second year of preparation for the Bicentenary of his birth Contents: Premise: The Synod on "new evangelisation for the transmission of the faith" Reflectio... 2013
Ángel Fernández Artime "Lord, give me this water" (John 4:15). Let us cultivate the art of listening and of accompaniment Contents: Presentation I. AN ENCOUNTER THAT DOES NOT LEAVE INDIFFERENT: "Listening" A Form of... 2018
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life" (Jn 6,69). The word of God and Salesian Life today Contents: 1. Contemplating Christ by listening to the Word of God 2. Listening to God's Word as ... 2004
Juan Edmundo Vecchi "Now is the acceptable time" Contents: 1. VOCATIONS: A POINT THAT GIVES US FOOD FOR THOUGHT A propitious moment In harmony... 2000
Egidio Viganò "Our African commitment" Contents: "Our African commitment" The Rector Major in Black Africa This is Africa's hour ... 1980
Ángel Fernández Artime "Signore, dammi di quest’acqua” Coltiviamo l'arte di ascoltare e di accompagnare Indice: Presentazione. I. Un incontro che non lascia mai indifferenti: “Ascoltare”.  Un ascol... 2018
Ángel Fernández Artime "So that they may have life and have it to the full" (John 10,10). Five fruits of the bicentenary Contents: 1. A YEAR OF GRACE WITH SO MANY FRUITS 2. BECAUSE, ALMOST WITHOUT REALISING IT, THE CO... 2015
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Successor of Don Bosco: son, disciple, apostle". The human and spiritual profile of blessed Michael Rua. On the hundredth anniversary of his death Contents: 1. Don Rua "the most faithful son of Don Bosco" The six mysterious word which keep c... 2009
Juan Edmundo Vecchi "The Father consecrates us and sends us" Contents: I. A CONSECRATED LIFE 1. A pressing invitation 2. A key-word 3. The joyful experie... 1998
Juan Edmundo Vecchi "This is my body, which is given for you" Contents: 1. A Eucharistic “hour” The ecclesial process The question Our Eucha... 2000
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me" (1Cor 11,24). Making the Eucharist in order to become Eucharist Contents: 1. 'MAKING THE EUCHARIST' TODAY 1.1 The Eucharist in the recent life of the Church ... 2007
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "We've been waiting for you. We've been waiting for you so long. Now at last you're here. You're among us and you won't get away from us!" (MB XVIII,50). PRESENTATION OF THE REGION OF SOUTH ASIA Contents: Introduction 1. A great dream fulfilled 2. The Region of South Asia.The political, so... 2006
Juan Edmundo Vecchi "WHEN YOU PRAY SAY: OUR FATHER..." (Mt 6,9). The Salesian a man and teacher of prayer for the young Contents: 1. You ARE MY LIGHT... A look into our own heart Sincerity with God and with oursel... 2001
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Whether I am near you or far away, I am always thinking of you" Contents: 1. A hymn of praise 2. The first months of work in the General Council 3. The activit... 2003
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "With the courage of Don Bosco on the new frontiers of social communication" Contents: Introduction 1. Historical approach A commitment of fidelity Appreciation of our p... 2005
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "Witnesses to the radical approach of the Gospel". Called to live in fidelity Don Bosco’s apostolic project. “Work and temperance” Contents: 1. CONVOCATION OF THE GC27 1.1 The steps taken in deciding on the theme 1.2 Fundame... 2012
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "You are the salt of the earth... you are the light of the world" (Mt 5,13-14) Presentation of the East Asia - Oceania Region Contents: 1. Brief general presentation of the Region Social situation Cultural context Pres... 2007
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "You love everything that exists, and nothing that you have made disgusts you... Lord lover of life" (Wisdom 11, 24. 12, 11) Contents: The World Congress of Salesian Cooperators The Seminar "Europe Mission Territory" The... 2007
Pascual Chavez Villanueva "You will be my witnesses... even to the ends of the Earth" (Acts 1, 8b). Presentation of the Italy-Middle East Region Contents: Family News Significance of this letter Two important events A mark of gratitu... 2004
Egidio Viganò 1988 - an invitation to renewal of profession Contents: 50 years of salesian life Religious profession and the turning point of the Council T... 1986
Juan Edmundo Vecchi A love without limits for God and the young Contents: 1. Chastity for the Kingdom. What we have professed The cultural climate The inspirin... 1999
Luigi Ricceri A New Series of the Acts Begin Contents: The ASG as a Means of Animation Historical Background A New Series of the Acts Begin ... 1978
Pascual Chavez Villanueva A Project at the service of charismatic identity and of apostolic passion Contents: What is specific and essential in the Project Structure of the Project A Projec... 2008
Egidio Viganò A requirement of the Preventive System Contents: An authentic and urgent request Original inspiration A requirement of the Preventive ... 1979
Luigi Ricceri Abbiamo bisogno di esperti di Dio Indice: Centenario Missioni: le celebrazioni d'apertura. Abbiamo bisogno di esperti di Dio (La d... 1976
Dicastero per la Pastorale Giovanile Abitare la vita e la cultura dei giovani di oggi Il primo capitolo ha carattere ispiratore. Oltre a dare alla pastorale una prospettiva positiva dell... 2014
Luigi Ricceri Accoglienza alla lettera sulla povertà - Ancora sulla solidarietà - Opere proposte alla "solidarietà fraterna" - I volontari dell'America Latina sul campo del lavoro Indice: Accoglienza alla lettera sulla povertà Ancora sulla solidarietà Opere proposte alla "so... 1969

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