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Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's love affair with "poor and abandoned" young people and the beginnings of the oratory ... Don Bosco on the Origin of His Work II. Beginnings of the Home Attached to the Oratory of St. Francis de Sales 1. Settling at Pinardi's: Don Bosco's Letter of March 13, 1846 to Marquis Michele Cavour, Vicar ... 1840 - 1862
Joseph Boenzi St. Francis de Sales, bibliography of publications in English ...Over the last number of years "Salesian Spirituality," first articulated by Francis de Sales and Jane Frances de Chantal, has attracted renewed interest in English-speaking countries. Theirs ... 1700 - 1995
Eunan McDonnell Salesian imaging of God's love without equal ...Francis de Sales' use of imagery is an acknowledgment that reason alone is insufficient to plumb the mysteries of Go... 1700
Francis Desramaut Contemporary spirituality of the salesian family ...ily, though rooted in Don Bosco' s own spirituality and though standing firmly in the school of St. Francis de Sales, has been shaped over more than a century (much like contemporary culture and contemporary theology... 1950 - 1998
Nancy J. Bowden Unwrapping the gifts: Francis de Sales, Jane de Chantal and the salesian vision of women ... men, showing this as central to Salesian history and spirit. Dr. Nancy J. Bowden brings us back to Francis de Sales and Jane-Frances de Chantal in the founding of the Visitation-the first Salesian community. Unwr... 1700
Joseph Boenzi What is salesian in Don Bosco? ...Joseph Boenzi writes of the many times that the figure of St. Francis de Sales enters into the life and ministry of Don Bosco. The final word may never be written on why Don Bosc... 1833 - 1876
Mary Greenan Salesian mysticism: towards the ectasy of action ...Reflecting on Salesian spirituality brings us to the writings of St. Francis de Sales along with modern spiritual concepts. Sr. Mary Greenan explores the "ecstasies" of St. Francis de S... 1980 - 2003
Joseph Di Mauro School Leadership Formation in the Salesian Tradition ...The goal of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales is expressed in the first paragraph of the Constitutions which reads: "Their wholehearted endeavor ... 1903 - 1970
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's Oratories in 1849-1852. Conflict, Crisis and Resolution ...Don Bosco's Oratory of St. Francis de Sales after much "wandering" found its permanent home at last in 1846, in an isolated house and property ... 1849 - 1852
Joseph Boenzi Francis de Sales and the bases for salesian prayer ...he Gospel call to "pray always without becoming weary" (Luke 18:1) can be called the cornerstone of Francis de Sales' spiritual edifice. Prayer "places our intellect in the brilliance of God's light" and "exposes our... 2005 - 2006
Joseph Boenzi Da Mihi Animas. Cry of the pastoral heart of Francis de Sales ...Don Bosco claimed that the motto Da mihi animas cetera tolle came from Francis de Sales, and we Salesians presume that this was the cherished phrase that the saintly Bishop of Geneva clai... 2005 - 2006
Francis Preston Response to Paper of Fr. Joe Boenzi ...Towards the end of his paper, Fr. Boenzi makes reference to the "pastoral heart" of Francis de Sales and how "as he looked at the separated city of Geneva, his longing converted into a program of acti... 2006 - 2007
John Puntino A significant resource, a good read. Book review of Saint Francis de Sales, life and spirit ...The author makes a book review of "Saint Francis de Sales, Life and Spirit" by Joseph Boenzi. ... 2013
Rik Biesmans Don Bosco & Saint Francis De Sales (1842-1880). Concerning the question whether Don Bosco was influenced by Francis de Sales in both his personal faith and his pastoral-pedagogical practice ...Annecy and the neighborhood, I discovered reliable sources among the German and Dutch Oblates of St Francis de Sales. As a consequence of keeping contact with various participants, they invited the undersigned to tak... 1842 - 1880

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