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Michal Vojtáš Salesian criteria and proposal for higher education ...pires Salesian Higher Education in different ways. The first is in the inspirations of the Salesian charism that accompanied the moment that Salesian Higher Education was born. Beyond history, we are dealing... 1930 - 1997
Emmanuel Camilleri Characteristic traits of the spiritual accompaniment of the young. As an integral part of the educational system of Don Bosco - Part 1 ...The following four-part article has as its objective a particular aspect of Don Bosco’s charism: the spiritual accompaniment of the young. This theme, which is very relevant for today, is signifi... 1850 - 2015
Fabio Attard Professional formation of the young in salesian youth ministry ...s us to acknowledge today’s challenges without feeling that we are straying from those pastoral and charismatic roots that even today remain the basis for the corresponding value of the Salesian educative-pa... 1854 - 1998
Francis J. Moloney The salesian charism and the good shepherd motif ...w the image of the Good Shepherd came to be connected with the person of Don Bosco and the Salesian charism, and how this connection is relatively new. He then presents an interesting insight on the Good Sh... 1965 - 2015
Dominic Veliath Encounter of the salesian charism. South Asian context ...The theme of this reflection, entitled: “Encounter of the Salesian Charism: South Asian Context, is self-explanatory. Drawing out its implications, the topic can be articulat... 1841 - 1971
John Rasor The salesian brother's spiritual identity ...ty has been applied. This study will therefore show the brother's identity to be inspired by the charism of the founder, and renewed in the spirit of Vatican II. Indeed, the Congregation sees in this voca... 1853 - 2002
Michael Mendl The dreams of Don Bosco ...n important element in the life and spirituality of Don Bosco.   Contents: 1. A Saint's Charism 1. Sources for Our Knowledge of the Dreams 2. The Biographical Memoirs: Value and Limitations ... 1864 - 1888
Michael Mendl "The zeal of the salesians is just the thing". Founding of the salesian work in New York ...ncisco. There had been several earlier abortive attempts to bring Salesians and their particular charism to North America: to San Rafael, California; Savannah, Georgia; and Boston, Massachusetts. This tim... 1897 - 1911
Christopher Ford Quality, culture and charism ...topher Ford investigates the theme of "culture of education" in Catholic schools, and shows how the charism of Don Bosco impacts teachers and students alike.  Contents: Climate or Culture Intangible a... 1971 - 1994
Paul Formosa Historical sketch of the oratory of Don Bosco in Malta ... the Salesian Oratory, Sliema. The life span of the Oratory could be seen as the struggling of a charism to discern its role and be effective in catering for the needs of the young. The main emphasis here... 1861 - 1970
Arthur Lenti The Bosco-Gastaldi Conflict (1872-82), Part I ...ave been, to put a facile contemporary label on it, a typical confrontation between institution and charism. It was indeed a clash between episcopal authority as claimed by an ordinary and the freedom sou... 1872 - 1882
Arthur Lenti Don Bosco's Boswell: John Baptist Lemoyne-the man and his work ...ompilation Method Lemoyne's Interpretation of Documents Lemoyne's Use of Documentation Lemoyne's Charismatic Portrayal of Don Bosco CONCLUSION ... 1839 - 1916

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