Mary Greenan – Our sacred story: a changing story or a story of change?

The call today then is to honor our story. It is a precious story. It is a unique story. It is sacred story, a truly “holy” story. It is a story to be lived in the presence of the one who has lived it before us and has made it holy.

As we live our story we are called to give it meaning. We are called to discover its meaning as characters and events connect and weave a pattern of hope into a world crying out for such hope.

Let us listen to the story of the young. Let us honor the story of our young people and help them find meaning and hope, the “spark that makes the power of the meaning grow for them.” Let us draw them to the point where indeed their faith no longer has need of our story, for their own unfolding story is a living belief in the goodness of life for all.




  • Introduction
    • An End or a Beginning
    • A Personal and Unfolding Story
    • Unfolding the Story with the Young
    • A Common, Cultural Story
    • Editing the Story
    • Lenses for Interpreting the Changes
    • A Very Human Story
    • A Story of Faith Unfolding
    • An Unfolding Spiritual Story
    • “No Longer Does our Faith Depend on Your Story!”

Reference time period: 1950 – 1980

M. Greenan, Our sacred story: a changing story or a story of change?, in «Journal of Salesian Sudies» 9 (1998) 1, 75-96.

Reference institution:
Institute of Salesian Studies
Institute of Salesian Studies

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