Autori Vari – Mary Help of Christians. On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee

The Silver Jubilee of the Salesian presence in the Vice Province of ZMB is an occasion to rejoice in past successes and to look forward in a spirit of gratitude. Twenty five years ago, when the first group of Salesians arrived in Zambia from Poland, future development could not have been foreseen.There were many challenges to face and problems to solve, including learning new languages, understanding new mentalities and cultures. Over time, Salesian presences have expanded into Malawi, Namibia and Zimbabwe, together forming a vibrant Vice Province with a variety of services for the young and the poor. There are new initiatives to reach as many disadvantaged youth as possible. Leadership is expected to be handed over to local Brothers in the next 25 years. It looks to the future with the hope of further growth and expansion of the province, dependent on the incorporation of the genuine Salesian spirit in the new generations of Salesians and the involvement of the laity. The celebration coincides with the preparation of the 26th General Chapter, which invites all Salesians to rediscover Don Bosco’s passion for evangelisation and the salvation of young souls. The commitment to genuine evangelisation and integral education is renewed, with the same passion as Don Bosco, so that the province becomes ever more vibrant and dynamic. Mary Help of Christians will accompany the Salesians in this search for authenticity and faith.


  • 1. Brief History of the Evangelisation in Africa
  • 2. Don Bosco and Salesians
  • 3. Salesian Identity 
  • 4. Project Africa 
  • 5. The Mission in Zambia 
  • 6. A new approach (2005-2007)
  • 7. The Salesian family and lay volunteers in ZMB 
  • 8. Youth work and religious vocations in ZMB 
  • 9. The actual Salesian presence in ZMB 
  • 10. Salesian presences in ZMB that have been closed 
  • 11. Looking to the future 
  • 12. The Provincial Superiors of the first 25 years & other notable Confreres
  • 13. Priestly Jubilees
  • 14. Photo Gallery 
  • 15. Departed confreres 

Reference time period: 1918 – 2007

B. Peter, C. Joseph, T. Walter, M. Luis, Mary Help of Christians. On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee, Poligrafia Inspektoratu Towarzystwa Salezjanskiego, Kraków 2005.

Reference institution:
Salezjanie Inspektoria Krakowska

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