Francis Desramaut – Don Bosco and the spiritual life

Don Bosco (1815-1888) was the acrobat-saint, priest, journalist, and apostle of poor and abandoned youth. But was he also a man of the spiritual life, and did he leave a
spiritual heritage? Yes, says Father Francis Desramaut. And in some ways it is a heritage very like that of our own age, stirred and renewed by the Second Vatican Council. This book, one of the first to deal with Don Bosco’s spirituality, is drawn from sources which were largely unknown or ignored by earlier authors. It presents a Don Bosco free of fanfare, rooted in the tradition o f the great spiritual masters, creative in view of his own times.
Don Bosco is perhaps the most characteristic saint of the nineteenth century and represents the synthesis which makes for modern sanctity. By the grace of God, he was a man of strenuous activity, a priest in all things, and an amiable ascetic.


  • Don Bosco in his century
  • The road to life
  • The supernatural world
  • The means of perfection
  • Christian perfection and human fulfillment
  • His indispensable asceticism
  • At the service of the greater glory of God
  • Don Bosco in the history of spirituality 

Reference time period: 1815 – 1890

F. Desramaut, Don Bosco and the spiritual life, translated by Roger M. Luna, Don Bosco Publications, New Rochelle-New York 1979.

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