Salesian Youth Ministry Department – Inhabiting the life and culture of today’s young people

The firs chapter is of an inspirational nature. As well as giving youth ministry a positive slant on the youth situation, it opens it up to all the young people’s expectations, even those that are  hidden and unconscious. Only by inhabiting their world can we come to really appreciate its  potential. We need to abandon any form of ministry that is turned in on itself, and open our  gaze with hope, always keeping in mind young people who are weakest and most at risk. New cultural paradigms and the challenges thrown up by different contexts call for specific attention and challenge the very meaning of ministry and of being Church. In this chapter we would like  to focus on the motivation that drove Don Bosco and the Congregation during and after his time in their commitment on behalf of young people. 


  1. ”Here is your fi eld, here is where you are to work”
  2. Love for young people and a desire for contact with them
  3. Discernment by educators and believers
  4. Communion with others in love
  5. Salesian Youth Ministry is the primary expression of the Salesian mission
  6. Increase the number and improve the quality of the places where we encounter young people
  7. Twofold Fidelity

Reference time period: 2014

Salesian Youth Ministry Department, Salesian Youth Ministry. Frame of reference, III edition, SDB, Roma 2014, 28-45.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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