Salesian Youth Ministry Department – From Christ the evangeliser to the evangelising church

An updated presentation of Salesian Youth Ministry requires refl ection not only of a charismatic type but also of a theological nature. Youth Ministry as an activity of the ecclesial community demands of us a deep theological and ecclesiological study. This chapter expounds three basic convictions: Jesus Christ, the evangeliser who proclaimed communion with God  and communion between people (fraternal love), is the full revelation of God as a community of love. The Church is the mystery of Communion and mission, animated and sustained by the  Spirit of God. The Salesian Congregation shares the Church’s evangelising mission, with a  specific option for the young.


  1. Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, is the complete manifestation of God’s love
  2. Jesus reveals to us the Mystery of God, a Community of Love
  3. The Church, called to continue Jesus’ mission
  4. The Salesian Mission
  5. Mary, Mother and Teacher

Reference time period: 2014

Salesian Youth Ministry Department, Salesian Youth Ministry. Frame of reference, III edition, SDB, Roma 2014, 46-55.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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