Francis Preston – Response to Paper of Fr. Joe Boenzi

Towards the end of his paper, Fr. Boenzi makes reference to the “pastoral heart” of Francis de Sales and how “as he looked at the separated city of Geneva, his longing converted into a program of action and a journey of continual conversion.” And with reference to Don Bosco Fr. Boenzi comments: “At the end of the day, the Da mihi animas is a prayer and a gesture that becomes a life long investment. Continue reading “Francis Preston – Response to Paper of Fr. Joe Boenzi”

Francis J. Moloney – Jesus and Salesian Discipleship

I have been given the mandate to speak to you today on the theme: “How the Word of God shapes our community and our mission today.” I was not sure how to handle this very large question in a couple of talks and a discussion session. Biblical themes abound. But in the end, I thought that the best way to reflect on the way the word of God shapes our community and mission today was to reflect upon “the Word of God.” Continue reading “Francis J. Moloney – Jesus and Salesian Discipleship”

Pascual Chavez Villanueva – «Ceci est mon corps, qui est pour vous. Faites cela en mémoire de moi» (1 Co 11,24) Faire l’eucharistie pour devenir eucharistie


Pascual Chavez Villanueva – «Esto es mi cuerpo, que se entrega por vosotros. Haced esto en memoria mìa» (1 Cor 11 ,24) Hacer la Eucaristía para hacerse Eucaristía


Arcadio Cuadrado,Julián Sánchez – “Inchiesta sulla vocazione salesiana nella Spagna contemporanea” in “Colloqui sulla vita salesiana, 10”

Le inchieste sulle vocazioni salesiane nel 1981, realizzate in due ispettorie spagnole particolarmente vivaci (Madrid e Bilbao), i cui risultati furono esposti da don Arcadio Cuadrado e don Juliàn Sànchez, fecero intendere che il servizio ai giovani è oggi un motivo d’impegno dominante nelle giovani generazioni salesiane.

Continue reading “Arcadio Cuadrado,Julián Sánchez – “Inchiesta sulla vocazione salesiana nella Spagna contemporanea” in “Colloqui sulla vita salesiana, 10””

Pascual Chavez Villanueva – “This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me” (1Cor 11,24). Making the Eucharist in order to become Eucharist


Francis J. Moloney – Salesians beyond 2000

In the article, Fr. Frank looks at the images of God and Community and poses questions that young people in Western Societies are facing on the threshold of the Third Millennium. He moves from the contemporary to the scriptural, and looks at the figure of Jesus and questions of discipleship as posed in the New Testament. What is the significance of discipleship in the Gospels? How does this significance speak to our reality? to our vocation as Christians, and as Salesians? These are the questions of the middle portion of Fr. Moloney’ s reflections.

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