Francesco Traniello – “Don Bosco in the history of popular culture in Italy” in “Don Bosco’s place in history”

This essay focuses on Don Bosco’s contribution to spreading a popular culture based on religion through his educational activities. Moreover, the Saint was one of the first to realize the need to find, also taking into account the evolving social structure, new ways and techniques for the educational field and also for that one of religious formation.


  • 1. The meaning of expression “popular culture”
  • 2. Popular culture and issue of literacy and schooling
  • 3. Two figures: C. Cantù and A. Bresciani 
  • 4. Features of Don Bosco’s contribution
  • 5. The connection between mass-media and istitutional framework 
  • 6. Concluding comments 

Reference time period: 1840 – 1890

F. Traniello, Don Bosco in the history of popular culture in Italy, in Don Bosco’s place in history, edited by Patrick Egan and Mario Midali, LAS, Roma 1993, 423-438.

Reference institution:
Centro Studi Don Bosco
Centro Studi Don Bosco

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