Eugenio Ceria – Don Bosco with God

After Don Bosco’s death, the main concern of his sons and all those who felt called to continue his spirit was to faithfully preserve and develop his charism without any deviation or loss. This precious task gave rise to an impressive collection of writings, including more than a thousand biographies of the saint and over thirty thousand publications about him, including works of documentation, serious studies and popular works. Among these, a Salesian classic is the book ‘Don Bosco with God’ by Don Ceria. This book was published in two editions, the second of which was definitive in 1946, containing five additional chapters and some corrected details. The author began editing this book after noticing the scant attention paid to the inner life of the saint both before and after his death. It was necessary to move from admiring the visible fruits of Don Bosco’s tree, but too little studied, to the hidden roots of its immense fruitfulness. Someone was needed to ‘lift the veil on a life that seemed on the surface like many others, but which in reality concealed treasures of grace and supernatural gifts’.


  • Dedication
  • Don Eugenio Ceria
  • Presentation
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
    • 1. Childhood
    • 2. School
    • 3. The Seminary
    • 4. Beginnings of His Mission
    • 5. Second Stage of His Mission
    • 6. A Permanent Home for His Mission
    • 7. Period of Great Foundations
    • 8. In the Tribulations of Life
    • 9. Disappointments of Various Kinds
    • 10. Confessor
    • 11. Preacher
    • 12. The Writer
    • 13. Educator
    • 14. Man of Faith
    • 15. Apostle of Charity
    • 16. The Gift of Counsel
    • 17. Dreams, Visions, Ecstasy
    • 18. Gift of Prayer
    • 19. The Quiet Twilight
    • 20. A Gem Among Priests

Reference time period: 1815 – 1888

E. Ceria, Don Bosco with God, Paulines Publications Africa, Makuyu (Kenya) 2008.

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