Chris Saldanha – “Missionary work in the context of other religions (excluding islam)” in “Lettura missionaria di «Educare i giovani alla fede»”

This document provides an in-depth exploration of major non-Christian religions in predominantly non-Christian countries, specifically focusing on South and Southeast Asia, excluding Islamic nations and the Jewish state of Israel.

It examines the common characteristics of these religions, including their ancient origins, cultural integration, and reliance on oral traditions. The study highlights individual religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Shintoism, and others, noting their significant influence on the cultural and social fabric of their respective regions. It also addresses modern developments, including the impact of Western materialism, the resurgence of religious revival movements, and the adaptation to contemporary societal values. The document underscores the inherent tolerance within these religions due to their diverse and inclusive nature, while also noting instances of intolerance towards exclusivist claims. Furthermore, it discusses the pantheistic and panentheistic elements common to many of these faiths, and the moral precepts that guide their adherents. In conclusion, the study provides a nuanced understanding of the dynamic and evolving nature of these religions in the modern world, highlighting both progressive changes and a resurgence of fundamentalism in response to perceived threats to religious and cultural identity.



  • I. A rapid overview of the main non-christian religions today 
  • II. The challenges facing us in the mission field 
    1. A correct understanding of evangelization 
    2. The non-chrisdan attitude to Christianity 
    3. Inculturation 
    4. Inter-relisious dialogue 
  • III. Some suggestions for a possible journey to faith in the context of other religions 
    1. Charity within the Catholic community 
    2. Charity towards our brethren of other faiths 
      • – Wordless witness 
      • – Proclamation 

Reference time period: 1991

C. Saldanha, Missionary work in the context of other religions (excluding islam), in Lettura missionaria di «Educare i giovani alla fede», C.G.XXIII, incontro di procuratori e delegati ispettoriali dell’Europa, Groot-Bijgaarden (Belgio), 11-15 Aprile 1991, Roma, Editrice S.B.D, 1991, 89-127.

Reference institution:
Dicastero per le missioni

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