Salesian Youth Ministry Department – “The preventive system: a spiritual and educational experience” in “Salesian Youth Ministry”

Don Bosco’s God-given vocation for the mission of salvation of the young, especially the  poorest, involves many people and groups in a common spirituality and a shared educational and pastoral method which is the Preventive System. It is the source and inspiration of a 
concrete and original way of living and implementing the Salesian mission which we call  Salesian Youth Ministry. In this fourth chapter, the educative and pastoral approach will gradually take shape, starting from its guiding principle which is pastoral charity. The centrality of pastoral charity offers a real prospect of renewal for the pastoral care of young people. It is  therefore the criterion and pivot of pastoral planning at all levels. The Preventive System, in so far as it is a project of holistic education, comprises essentially two aspects. It is a project of  Christian life (Salesian Youth Spirituality) and a practical pedagogical method.


  • 1. The Salesian mission is enlightened by Don Bosco’s practice
    • 1.1. The Salesian spirit is inspired by the style of the Good Shepherd
    • 1.2. The embodiment of the “Salesian spirit” is the Preventive System
      • The implementation of Don Bosco’s pastoral, spiritual and pedagogical  programme
      • The guiding principle is pastoral charity
      • The Preventive System involves the educator and the community to which he  or she belongs
  • 2. The Preventive System as pastoral zeal
    • 2.1. An all-embracing educational project
    • 2.2. The dual role of preventive education
      • The Preventive System and disadvantaged young people and their rehabilitation
      • The art of positive education
  • 3. The Preventive System as a proposal of spirituality
    • 3.1. Spirituality is first of all life in the Spirit
      • The primacy of God’s freely given gift
      • The encounter with Christ
      • Life in the Holy Spirit
    • 3.2. An original way of living the Christian life: Salesian Youth Spirituality
      • Salesian spirituality, a concrete expression of pastoral charity
      • Salesian Youth Spirituality in practice
      • Planning programmes of education to the faith

Reference time period: 2014

“The preventive system: a spiritual and educational experience” in “Salesian Youth Ministry”, Salesian Youth Ministry Department, Roma 2014, 82-111.


Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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