Luigi Ricceri – From confreres’ letters – Attitude of the true son of Don Bosco – The Superiors elected by 20th General Chapter – We are all at the service of the Congregation – Love of the confreres, the first duty of the Superior – To serve the good of the community – Confreres and Superiors in communion – The Superior, creator of unity in the Congregatlon – The divine will, meeting place of Superiors and confreres – Authority and the protection of liberty – Superiors responsible for renewal.

Luigi Ricceri – Communion of spirit – A reasonable demand – Slow but constructive work – Assiduous common research – Premise for Renewal – Chapter documents – Updated Constitutlons – Our commitment – The early Salesians – lntensified prayer – D.M.H.C. Centenary.

Luigi Ricceri – A recall to sanctity – Professionals of holiness – Two modern examples of holiness – Don Bosco’s message – Don Rua’s reply – “lneffable goodness” – Extraordinary activity – Sensitivity and openness to the problems of his times – The wellspring – «The Pope’s priest» – Don Rua’s invitation.

Mathew Kapplikunnel – “Father Philip Thayil: visionary and innovator (1917-2003)” in “Ricerche Storiche Salesiane”

It is quite natural that anyone who intends to profile a Salesian personality in South India would quite naturally think of Fr. Philip Thayil as someone deserving of being made known to a wider Salesian readership.

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Anthony Nguyen – God as father and Don Bosco as father

Don Bosco is a saint who is honored as the “father and teacher” of the youth. However, we may be curious to ask ourselves: In what sense do we understand the term “father” as it is attributed or applied to Don Bosco? Surely, it is not in “biological” sense of the word. But it is not simply in spiritual sense because Don Bosco did not only provide spiritual nourishment (heaven) to the young, but also “work and bread” (something for bodily/biological needs). Continue reading “Anthony Nguyen – God as father and Don Bosco as father”

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