Peter Rinaldi – “Blessed Philip Rinaldi as I knew him” in “Journal of Salesian Studies”

Father Philip Rinaldi was my granduncle on myfather’s side. For us youngsters he was the tall, smiling priest who, when visiting our home, would dig into his pockets and invariably come up with all sorts of goodies.

He was, as I remember, like a ray of sunshine, and his visits were always a feast.


  • “Our guiding star”
  • “You know where to find me”
  • “Do not grieve for Paul”
  • “You have my blessing”
  • His letters
  • Random notes from an old diary
  • “An altar in my heart”

Reference time period: 1856 – 1931

P. Rinaldi, “Blessed Philip Rinaldi as I knew him” in «Journal of Salesian Studies», 3 (1992), 1, 26-37.

Reference institution:
Institute of Salesian Studies
Institute of Salesian Studies

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