Arthur Lenti – Saint with a human face: Don Bosco in Father Giulio Barberis original chronicle

The Central Salesian Archive contains numerous eyewitness reports of Don Bosco’s words and deeds, particularly in the form of chronicles and memoirs. I drew heavily on these documents for previous articles which saw the light of day in the pages of this Journal. I shall do the same for the present article.

Drawing exclusively on Father Giulio Barberis’ original chronicle, I will present selected anecdotes which may illustrate Don Bosco’s character and personality. Although not one of the earliest chroniclers, Father Barberis found himself in a privileged position as Don Bosco’s closest confidant at what was arguably the most formative and creative period in the founder’s life.

Thus, as will be explained below, Father Barberis became the chronicler of the latter 1870s.




  • Introduction
  • Part I: Chroniclers and Chronicles-Documentation Gathered by Early Salesians Who Were Witnesses of Don Bosco’s Words and Actions
    • I. “Historical Committees” and Periods of Recording Activity
    • II. Father Giulio Barberis and His Work As a Chronicler
  • Part II. Don Bosco at the Age of 60: Vignettes from Barberis’ Autograph Little Chronicle
  • Conclusion

Reference time period: 1847 – 1927

A. Lenti, Saint with a human face: Don Bosco in Father Giulio Barberis original chronicle, in «Journal of Salesian Sudies» 8 (1997) 2, 153-205.

Reference institution:
Institute of Salesian Studies
Institute of Salesian Studies

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