Giovanni Bosco – Spiritual advice for friends, cooperators and benefactors

Don Bosco’s correspondence with the Cooperators and friends, lay and clerical, always contains detailed and substantial spiritual suggestions aimed at proposing a way of interior life along with devotion and spiritual fervour, the practice of virtue, charity, loving and faithful fulfilment of the duties of one’s state in life.

Our saint’s Salesian inspiration emerges from these letters, in harmony with the teachings of St Francis de Sales in the Introduction to the Devout Life and letters of spiritual direction.

There are twelve items of correspondence here which document the range of Don Bosco’s relationships and the concrete nature of his spiritual ‘school’.

Reference time period: 1862 – 1878

Salesian Historical Institute, Salesian Sources 1: Don Bosco and his work. Collected Works, LAS – Kristu Jyoti, Rome – Bangalore, 2017, 1039-1050.

Reference institution:
Istituto Storico Salesiano
Istituto Storico Salesiano

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