Luciano Pazzaglia – Don Bosco’s option for youth and his educational approach in «Don Bosco’s place in history»

This essay deals with the educational method adopted by Don Bosco. The Saint saved many young workers from dangerous environments and of dubious morality by involving them in learning useful trades for their future through workshops.

Il presente saggio tratta del metodo educativo adottato da Don Bosco. Il Santo ha salvato tanti giovani lavoratori da ambienti pericolosi e di dubbia moralità coinvolgendoli nell’apprendimento di mestieri utili per il loro avvenire mediante dei laboratori.


  • 1. His first experiences amongst “poor and abandoned boys”
  • 2. The background of political tensions and anti-religious propaganda 
  • 3. The festive oratory and the boarding school: two systems of education 
  • 4. The need for rules and the new problems facing educators

Reference time period: 1841 – 1877

L. Pazzaglia, Don Bosco’s option for youth and his educational approach, in «Don Bosco’s place in history», LAS, Roma, 1993, 267-296.

Reference institution:
Centro Studi Don Bosco
Centro Studi Don Bosco

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