Fausto Jimenez – Don Bosco and the cultivation of ecclesiastical and religious vocations in «Don Bosco’s place in history»

The present essay emphasizes Don Bosco’s dedication to promoting vocations, both among men and women. The Saint also dealt with “late” vocations, not only those among young people. For him it was of fundamental importance to find a sufficient number of priests/nuns to meet the needs of the observants.

Nel presente saggio viene sottolineata la dedizione di Don Bosco nel promuovere le vocazioni, sia fra gli uomini che tra le donne. Il Santo si occupò anche delle vocazioni “tardive” non solo di quelle fra i giovani. Per lui era di fondamentale importanza trovare un numero sufficiente di preti/suore per venire incontro ai bisogni dei fedeli.


  • 1. Introduction: Don Bosco’s personal experience
  • 2. The context: the situation of the clergy in the 19th century
  • 3. Don Bosco’s initiatives
    • 3.1 Clerical and lay helpers 
    • 3.2 Religious vocations for men
    • 3.3 Religious vocations for women
    • 3.4 Vocations to the priesthood at Valdocco
    • 3.5 Junior seminaries
    • 3.6 Adult vocations
  • 4. Don Bosco’s method of fostering vocations
  • 5. Perseverance
  • 6. Concluding comments

Reference time period: 1835 – 1881

F. Jimenez, Don Bosco and the cultivation of ecclesiastical and religious vocations, in «Don Bosco’s place in history», LAS, Roma, 403-419.

Reference institution:
Centro Studi Don Bosco
Centro Studi Don Bosco

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