Arthur Lenti – “Don Bosco’s golden years with general indexes for the series” in “Don Bosco: history and spirit, vol. 7”

Volume 7, the last in the series Don Bosco: History and Spirit, surveys Don Bosco’s Life and activity in the late seventies and eighties, roughly his last dozen years. These are his mature, reflective years; they are also the years of his quasi-retirement, gradually giving way to his sunset years. With regard to content, the nine chapters of this survey may be grouped under four headings.


  • Chapter 1
    • Institutional Organization of the Salesian Society
  • Chapter 2
    • General Conferences (1865-1879) and General Regulations
  • Chapter 3
    • First Four General Chapters: Bosco Chapters (1877, 1880, 1883, 1886)
  • Chapter 4
    • Concepts, Concerns and Fears of a Founder
  • Chapter 5
    • Don Bosco’s Concerns with the Life and Discipline of the Oratory Communities (1884-1885)
  • Chapter 6
    • Don Bosco’s Writings and Publishing Activity in His Latter Years
  • Chapter 7
    • Don Bosco’s Physical Decline and Quasi-Retirement (1884-1887)
  • Chapter 8
    • Don Bosco’s Last Illness and Saintly Death — Fr. Michael Rua’s Succession
  • Chapter 9
    • Don Bosco’s Beatification and Canonization: Story, Highlights and Sidelights

Reference time period: 1870 – 1888

A.J. Lenti, Don Bosco’s golden years with general indexes for the series in Don Bosco: history and spirit, edited by Aldo Giraudo, vol. 7, LAS, Rome 2010.

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