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Egidio Viganò Saint John Bosco: "Iuventutis pater et magister" Contents: The letter "Centesimo Exeunte". A title needing deeper thought and interior assimilati... 1989
Egidio Viganò "The Don Bosco centenary and our renewal" Contents: Introduction A rapid look back over the celebrations The Jubilee Year; enthusiastic... 1989
Egidio Viganò The Eucharist in the apostolic spirit of Don Bosco Contents: The most vital theme for measuring our spirit and activity Don Bosco and the Eucharist... 1987 - 1988
Egidio Viganò Convocation of 23rd General Chapter Contents: Introduction Convocation in accordance with the Constitutions Particular character of... 1988
Egidio Viganò The letter "Juvenum Patris" of His Holiness John Paul II Summary: Introduction: the centenary celebrations The gift of the Pope's Letter Don Bosco prese... 1988
Egidio Viganò "Strive to make yourself loved" Contents: Introduction. A spiritual event. A symbol of our Profession. Don Bosco tells us "Mak... 1888 - 1988
Egidio Viganò The guide to the Constitutions Contents: Some criteria for reading the volume More important aspects The growth of the inter... 1987
Egidio Viganò The Past-Pupils of Don Bosco Contents: Introduction Article 5 of the constitutions The "education received" 17 years ... 1987
Egidio Viganò The Marian Year Contents: Introduction Why a Marian Year Dynamic ecclesial perspectives The mother and s... 1987
Egidio Viganò From Peking towards 88 Contents: Introduction The Feast of the Assumption at Peking Don Bosco's missionary dreams ... 1987
Egidio Viganò Vatican II, still a powerful force at the present day Content: Introduction Pentecostal atmosphere Twenty years of accelerated history The pro... 1986
Egidio Viganò 1988 - An invitation to renewal of profession Contents: 50 years of salesian life Religious profession and the turning point of the Council T... 1986
Egidio Viganò The advancement of the lay person in the Salesian family Contents: An invitation to renew our identity card. Who are the laity who share the mission with... 1986
Egidio Viganò The Association of Salesian Cooperators Summary: Presentation to the confreres: the preserving action of Don Bosco From Don Rua to t... 1876 - 1986
Egidio Viganò The renewed text of our Rule of Life Contents: Introduction 1. The turning point ot the Second Vatican Council 2. The four general-c... 1985
Egidio Viganò "Don Bosco - 88" Contents: Following Jesus Christ Don Bosco, apostle of the Oratory Prophetic example of his you... 1985
Egidio Viganò Letter of John Paul II to youth of the world Contents: Introduction The Year of Youth Values of youth Light of the Gospel Difficult ... 1985
Egidio Viganò Our fidelity to Peter's successor Contents: An opportune invitation. Don Bosco's very concrete "Church sense". A new style of exe... 1985
Egidio Viganò Promulgation of the constitutions and general regulations of the Society of st Francis de Sales Contents: Presentation Decree Promulgation of the constitutions and general regulations of the ... 1984
Egidio Viganò The Salesian Mission and the Workers'World Contents: Thinking over the journey A call from the southern hemisphere The importance of the w... 1983
Egidio Viganò Martyrdom and suffering in the Apostolic Spirit of Don Bosco Contents: New Economer General Beatification of Bishop Luigi Versiglia and Father Callisto Carav... 1983
Egidio Viganò Act of Entrustment of the Congregation to Mary Help of Christians, Mother of the Church Contents: Death of Father Benato Ziggiotti. Beatification of Bishop Luigi Versiglia and Father C... 1983
Egidio Viganò «Don Bosco, Saint» Contents: Introduction. Don Bosco's canonisation. Our religious consecration. The main qualiti... 1983
Egidio Viganò The Salesian Family Contents: Introduction Fidelity to a precious heritage Don Bosco belongs to the Church Don Bos... 1982
Egidio Viganò The 22nd General Chapter Contents: Introduction Convocation of the Chapter An event that challenges our spiritual maturi... 1982
Egidio Viganò The salesian rector and animation Contents: Rich charismatic tradition Full-time consecration Witnessing to Christ, transcendent ... 1982
Egidio Viganò The Challenge of Synod 80 Contents: 1. The recent Episcopal Synod 2. The importance of the family theme 3. Inspirational ... 1981
Egidio Viganò The challenge of the Media Contents: The Salesian mission and the media Mass media: a new way of being present Don Bosco, ... 1981
Egidio Viganò The Salesian according to Don Bosco's dream of the diamonds Contents: The Salesian according to Don Bosco's dream of the dream of the ten diamonds. Introduc... 1981
Egidio Viganò The centenary of the death of Saint Mary Domenica Mazzarello Contents: "REDISCOVERING THE SPIRIT OF MORNESE" Introduction A new gift of the Spirit to the Ch... 1981
Egidio Viganò ln the ever-growing splendour of the gospel Contents: Our over-riding choice for Christ Unravelling the coils of ambiguity The seventies an... 1980
Egidio Viganò "Our African commitment" Contents: "Our African commitment" The Rector Major in Black Africa This is Africa's hour ... 1980
Egidio Viganò The lay element in the Salesian community Contents: 1. The uniqueness of our Society 2. The Salesian Brother delineated 3. Identity strug... 1980
Egidio Viganò Memory of origins Contents: A disquieting challenge. "Strengthen your brothers". Appraising the crisis. Our appr... 1980
Egidio Viganò New Aspects of commitment to Religious Discipline Contents: "To awake the dawn" Prepare a Plan for Active participation Don Bosco a Diligent Prom... 1979
Egidio Viganò A requirement of the Preventive System Contents: An authentic and urgent request Original inspiration A requirement of the Preventive ... 1979
Egidio Viganò The ASC as a means of animation Contents: The ASC as a means of animation. Historical background. A new series of the acts begi... 1979
Egidio Viganò Rector Major's trip to Puebla Contents: Puebla provides a strong proclamation of the original nature of the Church's mission, a... 1979
Luigi Ricceri A New Series of the Acts Begin Contents: The ASG as a Means of Animation Historical Background A New Series of the Acts Begin ... 1978
Egidio Viganò Our devotion to Mary Help of Christians Contents: Let us make a place for Our Lady in our home! Let us build on objective reality. The ... 1978
Egidio Viganò Salesian educational project Contents: In search of appropriate practise. The Preventive System of Don Bosco. Generality e... 1978
Luigi Ricceri Family News Contents: Family News Don Bosco wanted Salesian news Spreading Family news Salesian news is ab... 1977 - 1777
Luigi Ricceri The sinister evil of individualism Contents: The journey we travelled together. The Chapter: an occasion for an assessment. ... 1977
Luigi Ricceri Postscript: A grave loss Contents: Fervent, humble and trusting prayer. Divine Providence now summons us to look forward.... 1977
Luigi Ricceri Living a life of consecrated chastity today Summary: Family news Living a life of consecrated chastity today The Church asks us this witnes... 1977
Luigi Ricceri Convocation of the 21st General Chapter Contents: 1.1 Convocation of the 21st General Chapter 1.2 "We are undertaking a matter of the gr... 1976
Luigi Ricceri We need men of God to guide us Summary: Centennial of Salesian Missions: opening celebrations Personal spiritual direction: we ... 1976
Luigi Ricceri Spiritual direction is a call to interior llfe - The earthquake in Guatemala - Missions Centennial Activities - Some data and observations on salesian vocations. Summary: Spiritual direction is a call to interior life The earthquake in Guatemala Missions Ce... 1976
Luigi Ricceri The Salesians and political responsibility Summary: 1. Why this subject 2. A new vision of politics The snare of ambiguity What is mean... 1976
Luigi Ricceri The centenary of Salesian missions Summary: A commemoration not to be scamped   1. A look at the past 2. Characteristics of ... 1975

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