Arthur Lenti – “Don Bosco’s second great hagiographical essay. The life of young Dominic Savio” in “Journal of Salesian studies”

Recalling the fiftieth anniversary of the beatification of St. Dominic Savio, Arthur Lenti reflects on Don Bosco’s Life of Savio. Modern Salesian youth spirituality traces back to this Life that Don Bosco proposed as a model for young people.


  • Introduction
  • I. Initial Presentation of Don Bosco’s Life of Savio
    • Don Bosco’s Savio Biography and Its Successive Editions
    • Sources of the Savio Biography
    • Presentation of the First Edition of the Savio Biography (1859)
  • II. Dominic Savio’s Cursus Vitae
    • Dominic Savio’s Parents, Family and Childhood
    • Dominic Meets Don Bosco and Is Accepted as a Student at the Oratory (1854)
    • School Year 1854-55
    • Summer of 1855
    • School Year 18SS-1856
    • Illness and Rest at Mondonio in the Summer of 1856
    • Unfinished School Year 1856-1857
    • Progress of Dominic’s Illness and Saintly Death
    • After Dominic’s Death: Noteworthy Questions and Incidents
    • Dominic Savio’s Portrait
  • III. Sidelights in the Savio Biography
    • Vision on England
    • The Swimming Incident
    • The Company of the Immaculate Conception
    • Dominic’s Brothers and Sisters
    • Mrs. Savio’s “Illness” and the Pink Scapular
    • Dominic’s Headaches and St. Aventinus
    • The Stranger at Table
    • A Beautiful Singing Voice-Savio’s or Magone’s?
  • Concluding Comments

Reference time period: 1842 – 1857

A. Lenti, Don Bosco’s second great hagiographical essay. The life of young Dominic Savio, in «Journal of Salesian studies», 12 (2001) 1, 1-52.

Reference institution:
Institute of Salesian Studies
Institute of Salesian Studies

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