Lana Ivanjek – Motivation of volunteers working with the young refugees in the salesian

In September 2015, when a big group of refugees came to Austria, Salesians Don Bosco have started a new project, with the goal to offer German courses, the counseling and the recreation offer for the young refugees. For that purpose, it was necessary to gather a big number of volunteers in a short period of time. This project “Don Bosco for Refugees” counts today (June 2018) 50 Volunteers that come one or more times a week and about 50 young refugees come to the German courses. The work in the project is based on the pedagogy of Don Bosco and the
kindness and the family atmosphere are the central aspects in the project. One of the most impressive results is the long-term presence of both groups: the volunteers and the refugees. This contribution concentrates on two main research questions:
1) Which factors influence the motivation of the volunteers?;
2) What motivates the refugees to the regularity and to the long-term participation?
To answer these questions 10 semi-structured interviews have been conducted with the  refugees and with the volunteers participating in the project. As one of the most emphasized  factors that influence the motivation in the both groups was the familial atmosphere. 



  1. Project description
  2. Research questions and Research methods..
  3. Results and Discussion


Reference time period: 2018

L. Ivanjek, Motivation of volunteers working with the young refugees in the salesian, in Atti del Congresso Internazionale, Roma 20-23 settembre 2018, Vol. 2, LAS, Roma 2019,  255-263. 

Reference institution:
Pontificia Facoltà di Scienze dell’Educazione “Auxilium”
Pontificia Facoltà di Scienze dell'Educazione

Università Pontificia Salesiana
Università Pontificia Salesiana

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