Lewis S. Fiorelli – “Salesian understanding of christian anthropology” in “Salesianum”

After some introductory remarks establishing the linkage between the reality of God as trinity and the human person, we will look at how Francis develops his Christian anthropology upon this linkage.

This will be done in several steps: trinity and creation; trinity and the creation of the human person; ecstatic love: the image of the trinity in the human person; sin in Christian anthropology. A summary of condusions will follow and end this essay.


  • Introductory Remarks
  • Trinity and Creation
  • Trinity and the Creation of the Human Person
  • Ecstatic Love: The Image of the Triune God in the Human Person
  • Sin in Christian Anthropology
  • Conclusions

Reference time period: 1700

L. S. Fiorelli, “Salesian understanding of christian anthropology” in «Salesianum», 46 (1984), 3, 487-508.

Reference institution:
Università Pontificia Salesiana (UPS)
Università Pontificia Salesiana (UPS)

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