Colette Schaumont – Presence in ordinary life

Educating is not an activity you do alongside other activities. It is intertwined in the daily interaction with each other. Presence plays a crucial role in this.

That you are there and how you are there as an educator, makes or breaks the whole upbringing event. It was already a basic intuition of Don Bosco. He expected no more from his educators, but neither less than that they shared ordinary life with the boys in all its aspects.



  • Part 1: Concretizing the meaning and role of presence in ordinary life
    • 1.1 Introduction
    • 1.2 Who educates?
    • 1.3 As an educator, who do you pay attention to from the viewpoint of your presence with the child?
    • 1.4 What does the educator’s presence require?
    • 1.5 Don Bosco and being present in ordinary life
  • Part 2 Presence under pressure
    • 2.1 Problems with presence
    • 2.2 Restoring presence from new authority
    • 2.3 Don Bosco and authority

Reference time period: 1884 – 2018

C. Schaumont, Presence in ordinary life, 2018.

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