Luigi Ricceri – We need men of God to guide us


  • Centennial of Salesian Missions: opening celebrations
  • Personal spiritual direction: we need men of God to guide us
    • Formation must be personal
    • Training one’s conscience
    • Those who take the leading part in spiritual formation
  • The Role of spiritual direction:
    • lt is a human need
    • lt is a constant praxis in the Church
    • lt is a fundamental characteristic of Don Bosco
    • Confession and direction in Don Bosco’s educational system.
  • From the early days to the present
    • Let the Director be once again a father to the confreres!
    • A practical advice of Fr. Caviglia
  • Renewed spiritual guides are needed
    • Selecting those directly in charge of formation
    • These present-day needs of spiritual direction
    • The duty of secrecy
    • Conclusion: a serious examination of conscience.

Reference time period: 1976

L. Ricceri, We need men of God to guide us, in «Acts of The Superior Counsil of the Salesian Society» 57 (1976) 281, 3-47.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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