Joseph Aubry – Savio. A Study guide for parents, priests and educators to accompany Saint Dominic Savio by St. John Bosco

This passage discusses the lack of enthusiasm towards St. Dominic Savio, attributing it to a potential lack of accurate presentation of his true stature. The author emphasizes the importance of discovering Savio’s identity, noting that the Church designates certain individuals as saints to serve as examples of Christian living.Pius XI referred to Savio as a model for young Christians, describing him as a “giant of the Spirit.” Pius XII, during Savio’s canonization, highlighted the surprising depth of divine grace and unwavering attachment to heavenly matters at such a tender age. Even Don Bosco, in his admiration for Dominic, was deeply moved. The passage clarifies that Dominic Savio wouldn’t appreciate purely emotional admiration and suggests focusing on factual aspects. The text introduces a study on three dimensions of Savio’s holiness: historical, spiritual, and prophetic. It clarifies that the study is not a biography but aims to be an introductory guide for parents and educators, presented in a simple and concise style to help them understand Dominic Savio and assist young individuals in growing spiritually.


    • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Historical References 
      • First Period: The Child
        • Origins
        • A Christian Spirit
        • Thirst for Study
        • The Decisive Meeting
      • Second Period: The Adolescent at Don Bosco’s Oratory
        • The Oratory
        • School Year 1854-55
        • School Year 1855-56 
        • School Year 1856-57 
      • Third Period: Last Days at Mondonio and Afterwards
        • Last Illness and Death
        • Dominic Speaks for Himself
        • Road to Canonization
  • Chapter 2. Dominic’s Spiritual Orientation
      • A Childhood Oriented Toward God: A Boy From the Country
        • A Life in God’s Presence 
        • Personal Love for Christ and His Mother 
        • Categorical Refusal of Sin 
        • Heroic Fulfillment o f Day-to-day Duties 
      • Adolescence: Teenager in the City
        • Adolescent Saint in Hands of a Priest Saint 
        • Friendships Grow and Become More Radical 
        • Commitment to Joyful Holiness 
        • Apostolic Action 
        • Suffering: Sign and Spirit o f Redemption 
        • Mystical and Charismatic Life 
      • Conclusion 
  • Chapter 3: Practical Lessons Learned From Dominic 
    • For Adults
      • Lessons for Parents, Especially Mothers 
      • Lessons for Priests and All Christian Educators 
      • Lessons Particularly for the Salesian Family 
      • The Universal Appeal of Saint Dominic Savio 
    • For Adolescents
      • Lessons for All Children and Adolescents 
      • Lessons for the Leaders of Youth Groups and Movements 
  • Appendix I: The Mass o f Saint Domine Savio 
  • Appendix II: For Prayer and Meditation

Reference time period: 1853 – 1950

J. Aubry, Savio. A Study guide for parents, priests and educators to accompany Saint Dominic Savio by St. John Bosco, Salesiana Publishers, New York 2010.

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