Joseph Bacchiarello – 40 dreams of st. John Bosco. The apostle of the youth

The second edition of “Dreams of Don Bosco” is presented to readers ten years after its initial publication.
This collection includes over 150 dreams of Don Bosco, conveying prophetic, pedagogical, and parabolic messages on topics ranging from the Church and nations to the Salesian Congregation and missions. It is clear that Don Bosco’s dreams possess unique and profound significance. They are characterized by a precise vision of the future, interpretative guides, and a logical order absent in natural dreams. It is said that Don Bosco received messages from God through these dreams, a phenomenon reminiscent of the biblical tradition where prophets, like Joel, regarded dreams as gifts intended to bring joy in the latter days.



  • The first dream 
  • John, dreams the Monthly Test 
  • The Shepherdess
  • The future of the Oratory
  • Three Martyrs
  • The Future Church of St. Francis of Sales
  • Two Boys attacked by a Monster 
  • Deadly Nooses
  • The Partridge and the Quail
  • The Precious Handkerchief of Purity 
  • A Homed Cat 
  • A Fiendish Elephant 
  • Death’s Messenger 
  • Fierce Crows and a Healing Salve
  • Don Bosco’s Vision of his Beloved Pupil Dominic Savio
  • Twenty years after Dominic’s death 
  • Boys’ Gifts for the Virgin Mary
  • Innocence preserved by Penance (the two maidens)
  • In the Land of Trial
  • A Ghastly Pit 
  • Ten Hills 
  • Devils in the Church 
  • The Snake and the Rosary 
  • The Fourteen Tables 
  • A Little Marmot 
  • A Fierce Dog 
  • A Giant Mastiff
  • Consciences Revealed 
  • A Pack of Monsters
  • The Red Horse 
  • A Mysterious Vine 
  • To Hell and Back 
  • The Rose Pergola 
  • The Struggles of the Society 
  • The Phyloxera
  • The Bull, the Carriages and the Nails 
  • The First Missionary Dream 
  • The Second Missionary Dream (Arfaxad) 
  • The Future of the Salesian Missions (5th M. Dream) 
  • The Two Columns in the Sea
  • A Letter Written by Don Bosco from Rome (or the Preventive System at the Oratory)
  • A List of Monitory Dream
  • The Biographical Memoirs at a Glance
  • Analytical Index


Reference time period: 1815 – 1888

J. Bacchiarello, 40 dreams of st. John Bosco. The apostle of the youth, Salesian Institute of Graphic Arts, Madras 1969.

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