Peter Lappin – Zatti. A biography

This narrative portrays the life of Artemis Zatti, a young man born into a humble family in Italy in 1880.

Despite his modest upbringing, Artemis displayed curiosity, resilience, and a compassionate nature from a young age. When faced with the opportunity to immigrate to Argentina for a better life, Artemis and his family embraced the challenge with courage and determination. In Argentina, Artemis found solace in his faith and became deeply involved in serving others, particularly the sick, through his work in the local church. His selflessness and dedication to helping those in need foreshadowed his eventual path towards religious vocation. Artemis’s story serves as a testament to the values of courage, resilience, and compassion, highlighting the transformative power of faith and service in shaping one’s life journey.



  • Acknowledgments
  • The Call 
  1. Courageous Decision
  2. New Horizons
  3. The Test of Time 
  4. Steady Course in Rough Seas
  5. From the Rising o f the Sun 
  6. Eternal Optimist 
  7. Charity is Patient 
  8. “I Have Compassion on the Multitude”
  9. Other-world Economies 
  10. Changing Times 
  11. Eventide
  12. The Hundredfold 
  • Bibliography 


Reference time period: 1880 – 1951

P. Lappin, Zatti. A biography, Don Bosco publications, New Rochelle, New York 1987.

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