Eugenio Ceria – Profile of thirty-three salesian coadjutor brothers

The idea of writing these profiles originated from the author’s previous successful projects. He felt unsure about his next endeavor until he sought inspiration from Father Philip Rinaldi, who suggested gathering the deeds and sayings of early exemplary coadjutor brothers of their Society. Despite limitations due to age, the author decided to focus on coadjutor brothers formed by and living with Don Bosco in Italy. He collected material from various sources, including biographies, memoirs, oral accounts, and personal acquaintance. The author’s intention was to highlight the virtues of these brothers rather than their faults, drawing inspiration from a Latin poet. The book primarily targets coadjutor brothers but is open to other Salesians. The author encourages similar efforts for coadjutor brothers from other nations. He emphasizes the importance of understanding Don Bosco’s spirituality through these early coadjutor brothers. The book is dedicated to coadjutor brothers with blessings for their growth and worthiness of Don Bosco.


  • Introduction 
  • Cavaliere Frederick Oreglia di Santo Stefano 
  •  Brother Joseph Buzzetti 
  •  Brother Joseph Rossi 
  •  Brother Marcello Rossi 
  •  Brother Dominic Palestrino 
  •  Brother Camillo Quirino 
  •  Brother Andrew Pelazza 
  •  Brother Peter Enria 
  •  Brother Anthony Lanteri 
  •  Brother Louis Falco 
  • Brother Cajetan Rizzaghi 
  •  Brother John Brigati 
  •  Brother Francis Borghi 
  •  Brother Louis Nasi 
  •  Brother Peter Lombardini 
  •  Brother Charles Fontana 
  •  Brother Louis Bologna 
  •  Brother John Garbellone 
  •  Brother Paul Bassignana 
  •  Brother Joseph Dogliani 
  •  Brother Peter Cenci 
  •  Brother Bartholomew Villa 
  • Brother John Baptist D’ Archino
  •  Brother Seraphim Giulianelli 
  • Brother Joseph Mascheroni 
  • Brother Joseph Ruffato 
  • Brother Dominic Zanolotti 
  • Brother Cyprian Audisio 
  • Brother Alexis Murra 
  • Brother Joseph Gambino 
  • Brother Joachim Bona 
  • Brother Angelo Andini 
  • Brother Joseph Balestra


Reference time period: 1860 – 1950

E. Ceria, Profile of thirty-three salesian coadjutor brothers, Salesiana Publishers, New Rochelle -New York 2005.

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