Angelo Franco – Blessed Michael Rua

Michael Rua, like Don Bosco, hailed from humble beginnings. Born in Turin on July 9, 1837, to John and Mary Ferrero, he was the youngest of nine children. While little is known about his early life, his family, thanks to his father’s employment in the city’s armament factory, enjoyed relative comfort. Both parents instilled a deep religious devotion in their children, practicing daily family prayers and holding the laws of the Church in high regard.


  • Foreword 
  •  Early Years. A prophetic Gesture 
  •  Don Bosco’s Irutial Efforts
  •  The first Salesians
  •  The Salesian Youth Movement in 1853
  •  The Word and Look of a Saint
  •  The ‘Ribbon’ of Obedience
  •  At the Feet of Pius IX
  •  The Priesthood
  •  The Faithful Interpreter of an Educational System
  •  Preventive Vigilance 
  •  The Week-End Apostolate 
  •  Rector at Mirabella (1863 – 1865)
  •  Prefect General. Thelnevitable Break-down 
  •  Salesian Novitiate in 1876 
  •  The Period of Great enterprise
  •  A Faithful ‘Timothy’ 
  •  The Last Years at Don Bosco’s Side
  •  Making Contact: Salesians 
  •  Making Contact: Boys 
  •  Making Contact: Salesian Cooperators 
  •  Entreating and Comforting 
  •  Landmarks 
  •  More Landmarks. The Second Congregation 
  •  Thoms in the Flesh 
  •  Strongly Yet Sweetly
  •  The Power of His Prayer 
  •  The Last Years
  •  The End 

Reference time period: 1837 – 1910

A. Franco, Blessed Michael Rua, Revised American Edition, 2002. 

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