Salesian Youth Ministry Department – “Salesian educative and pastoral project: operational tool” in “Salesian Youth Ministry”

We believe in education and we challenge ourselves to plan our procedures in its regard; youth ministry comes into being when education is translated into concrete educational processes. The effort to plan, by means of the SEPP, keeps alive our willingness to be actively present amongst the young. By following the four dimensions we are helped in developing the  personality of the young Christian through a systematic variety of proposals and a broad understanding of youth ministry which is open to everyone. In the end there are certain choices which run through all of Salesian ministry.


  • 1. A planning mentality 
  • 2. The Salesian Educative and Pastoral Project
    • 2.1. SEPP as a Salesian apostolic project 
      • The SEPP is already part of our history and an operational tool
      • Basic characteristics
    • 2.2. The SEPP as a dynamic and holistic process
      • An articulated understanding of Salesian Youth Ministry
      • The meaning of the four dimensions
    • 2.3. The specific nature of each dimension and the essential choices it requires 
      • The dimension of education to the faith
      • The educational and cultural dimension
      • The social experience dimension
      • The vocational dimension
    • 2.4. Choices cutting across all of Salesian Youth Ministry 
      • Animating apostolic vocations
      • Mission animation and various kinds of volunteer activity
      • Social Communication
    • 2.5. The Salesian Youth Movement
      • The identity and nature of the SYM
      • Preferential fi elds of activity for the SYM
      • The visibility of the SYM and how it is run

Reference time period: 2014

“Salesian educative and pastoral project: operational tool” in “Salesian Youth Ministry”, Salesian Youth Ministry Department, Roma 2014, 140-177.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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