Egidio Viganò – “Letter of the Rector Major” in “Acts of the General Council of the salesian society of St John Bosco”

Among the many blessings received in this centenary year of grace, the convocation of the upcoming General Chapter, the 23rd in our history, stands out prominently. Don Bosco himself attached great significance to general chapters, presiding over the first four from 1887 to 1886. Initially convened every three years, these chapters were gatherings of utmost importance for the Congregation, dedicated to God’s greater glory and the salvation of souls. In convoking the first General Chapter, Don Bosco emphasized the sacred purpose of these meetings and entrusted them to the special protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


  • Introduction
  • Convocation in accordance with the Constitutions
  • Particular character of the GC23
  • The theme proposed: its choice and significance
  • The tasks involved in education to the faith indicated by the Constitutions
  • The challenges of our new times
  • The “pastoral” commitment of the salesian community
  • The work ol the forthcoming provincial chapters
  • Conclusion

Reference time period: 1988

E. Viganò, Letter of the Rector Major, in «Acts of the General Council of the salesian society of St John Bosco», 68 (1987), 320, 4-26.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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