Egidio Viganò – “Letter of the Rector Major” in “Acts of the General Council of the salesian society of St John Bosco”

The approaching celebration of GC23 is marked by preparations. In September, the precapitular commission, under the guidance of the moderator and in coordination with the Rector Major, will draft reports or schemata to be distributed in advance to participants of the general chapter. Over recent months, the Acts of various provincial chapters have been received and analyzed by the General Council.

He takes this opportunity to commend every province for their diligent efforts in preparing and conducting their chapters, highlighting the active and fraternal collaboration of the confreres. The theme of educating young people in faith holds profound significance, not only for the Church but especially for their congregation.


  • Introduction
  • The ‘pastoral’ concern of the Council
  • New frontiers
  • New perspectives
  • The “supreme novelty”
  • New doctrinal presuppositions
  • New methods and language
  • New kinds of workers
  • New dangers too
  • The indispensable interior apostolic conviction in the evangelizer
  • Conclusion

Reference time period: 1989

E. Viganò, Letter of the Rector Major, in «Acts of the General Council of the salesian society of St John Bosco», 70 (1989), 331, 3-33.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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