Pascual Chavez Villanueva – “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in years and in favour with God and man” (Lk 2,52)


  • An unlorgeltable experience
  • THE STRENNA for 2006
  • 1. Dangers and threats facing the family at the present day

    • An environment unfavourable for the family
    • An easy ‘solution’, divorce
    • Privatisation of marriage
    • False expectations about marriage
    • Economic and consumet factors in family life
  • 2.The family, the way by which the son of God became man
  • 3. Family life and the Salesian charism
    • 3.1 “In the beginning the mother was there”
      • 3.1.1 A brief biographical sketch
        • a) Before the move to Valdocco (from 1788 to 1846)
        • b) Ten years with Don Bosco (from 1946 to 1856)
      • 3.1.2 Spiritual profile of Mamma Margaret
        • a) a strong woman
        • b) a ‘salesian’ educator
        • c) An effective catechist
        • d) the first cooperator
    • 3.2 Valdocco, “a family that educates”
  • 4.The family as mission
    • 4.1. “Family, make yourself what you should truly be”
      • The cell of society
      • Sanctuary of life
      • Proclaimer of the gospel of life
      • School of social commitment
    • 4.2. “Family, have faith in your true role”
  • 5. Pastoral and pedagogical applications
    • So here are my suggestions
    • Some practical proposals
  • Conclusion: a legend flavoured with wisdom

Reference time period: 2006

P. Chavez Villanueva, “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in years and in favour with God and man” (Lk 2,52), in «Acts of the General Council of the Salesian Society of St John Bosco» 87 (2006) 392, 3-46.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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